Maenam’s Taylor Corrigan Wins The Guggenheimer Dog Gobble

Debauchery at 4pm in the afternoon? Why not. Dozens of people from around the Vancouver restaurant scene descended on Pourhouse yesterday for the 1st annual Guggenheimer Dog Gobble, a hotdog eating competition pitting citywide restaurant employees against one another for a trophy, bragging rights, and a fillingly good time. Several photos after the leap…

  • Welcome to the 1st Annual Guggenheimer Dog Gobble
  • Pourhouse priming
  • Have you ever seen the youtube clip called "Two Girls One Hotdog"?
  • Mascots
  • Spectators
  • He had a reservation...
  • Nathan kicking ass and taking names...
  • Brush
  • John Laroche - monkey
  • Dog gobblers
  • Dog gobblers.
  • Folks be taking this all serious and whatnot...
  • On your marks...
  • Dwayne Bryshun's entrance
  • Getting ready...(lo, and blue puke buckets of shame)
  • Pourhouse chef Chris Irving finishes on the assembly line with Lumiere chef Dale Mackay
  • Christopher Morgan enjoys the shade before the gobble
  • Taylor victorious
  • Taylor wins (note Rio, still eating)
  • Nathan, Taylor, Rio, Lunch

Seventeen competitors sat down in one long row, each in front of their own tray containing fifteen hot dogs supplied by Windsor Meats and three cold cans of 1516 beer supplied by Okanagan Spring. At the word “go”, the dove in.

Each dog was worth five points. Beers counted for ten apiece, but you were only granted access to them after you finished five dogs.

The winner, with seven hot dogs down and three beers to the bladder, was Taylor Corrigan, who toils on the line at Maenam.


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  1. that video is as sweet as that dancing hotdogs body. i love that you can hear dale routing for nathan. gold!

  2. I would like to thank everyone for comin! I believe it was a pretty fun event and I know I had a good time…and I know that dancing hotdog had an awesome time…for sure. Thanks to everyone who dressed up as well and put on a great show. Dwayne next time you should try to eat a hotdog though if you want to win. This year was good but next year is going to be even better, I promise. I am already working on it. Cheers guys.

  3. Good times! Nate deserves a big commendation for putting this all together. Thanks to Dale for jumping in to sling dogs, Andrew for the press, Doug and Windsor for the meat, and Sysco for the buns and condiments, Cho for dressing up like a giant wiener, and of course all the competitors and spectators that came down to Pourhouse to make this all possible. I look forward to next years event. Maybe I will compete instead of judging….

    PS. Andrew, the one and ONLY mention of my name in your entire coverage and you spell my name wrong. I thought we were friends.

  4. Thanks chris I couldnt have done it without you bud. You and Jay. I think I am still hungover though…..and I am pretty sure that dancing hotdog is still dancing somewhere.

  5. hey guys, just got in from dancing somewhere. just wanted to say thanks to jay, chris and nato for giving me the opportunity to strut my stuff off. if you need me just look for the crowd of people laughing.