How Many Weiners Can You Cram In Your Face In Just 5 Minutes?


Scout is proud to present the 1st annual Guggenheimer Dog Gobble, a hot dog eating competition held at Pourhouse for the Vancouver restaurant community on the afternoon of November 2nd (beginning at 3pm). Organised by Lumiere and DB Bistro sous chef Nathan Guggenheimer and Pourhouse co-owner Jay Jones, the friendly scarfdown is being held with generous sponsorship from Okanagan Spring (beer) and Windsor Meats (hot dogs). Anyone currently employed in the local food and beverage trade is welcome to register by adding their name in the comments below (please also email your contact and t-shirt size info to Nathan at [email protected]).

As the event draws nearer we will be posting more details, but in the meantime, take a look at the rules…

The Rules

All Hotdogs must be consumed orally. Sorry, no exceptions.

No hot dog dunks in any beverage.

There are 3 condiments allowed: mustard, mayo, and ketchup. You may choose any combination of the three in advance. They will be waiting for you.

There is a time limit of 5 minutes per contestant.

Each hotdog fully consumed is worth 5 points. If you eat half your hotdog, you get 2.5 points.

Each contestant will start with 15 hotdogs in front of them. Once the first 15 are finished, your plate will be topped up with more dogs until you can not eat anymore or the time is up.

Contestants will also be judged on the fashion in which they gobble their dogs, their clothing choices, and how they handle themselves throughout the competition.

If the time is up and you have a hotdog in your mouth it must be swallowed for it to count as an eaten hotdog.

There will be points deducted if too much bun is left on the contestants’ plate.

This is a shirts and pants optional competition. You may lose or gain points based on the judges reaction to the wisdom of your personal choices.

You are encouraged to use 2 hands. It is a gobble, after all.

There is no vomiting during the competition.  If you vomit you are immiediately disqualified and put on bucket duty (also, people will laugh and point at you).

Any gestures, rude or witty, with hotdog weiners will either result in deduction or addition of points to the contestant, depending on the judges’ individual senses of humor.

There is no help from anyone in the audience. Spectators are not to be trusted (but are most welcome).

You must be an employee of either a restaurant or hospitality group in Vancouver to enter this competition.

There are no animals allowed! If you are an animal you will not be allowed to participate. That means no birds, cats, badgers, et cetera.

No drug enhancements of any sort within 3 hours of the competition. We will check your eyes, and if you are deemed to be sufficiently baked, you are considered a bucket volunteer.

For every 5 hotdogs you eat you will be offered a beer worth 10 points. The pint must be finished to retain full points.

There is a $15 entry for all contestants (to cover the cost of a t-shirt).

The winner will receive a trophy, a grand prize (we don’t know what it is for sure yet, but it will be grand).

Second place gets nothing.



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  1. You don’t mention where the contest takes place. Has location not yet been determined ? This makes a difference for me, but I’m totally interested.

  2. I will definetely be competing. The contest is being held at POURHOUSE ON NOV.2. I have arranged a mascot and t-shirts for the participants.

  3. Count me in. Every Hooker knows having no front teeth makes it easier to cram wieners into your mouth.

  4. I haven’t been looking forward to this much meat since my highschool house parties!!! See you There!!!

  5. Douglas King – Lumiere. Count me in.

    Death to all the other challengers!!!

  6. If you would like to enter this contest I need a statement saying ‘Yes I, am entering this contest.’ With your full name and which restaurant you are from. Thanks.

  7. As much as I like having loads of meat in my mouth, I think I’ll sit this one out. I’ll be there to cheer you guys on though…..and offer any tips.

  8. Damn… i no read engrish good. 3 pm…. might still be in dim sum. Me out !

  9. Hi my name is eric taylor and Iam going to compete at this event my t-shirt size is med……and I am going to win….p.s. I cant wait to fight the giant hotdog!!

  10. Do sales reps qualify as hospitality industry? You’d all better friggin hope not.

  11. James, on behalf of the whole Lumiere team, I would like to say, “You’re Fat and now you are going to be a loser as-well.”

  12. message for Jeff Curry: I have no problem with letting a sales rep. enter the comp. If you can just verify what company you are from I will gladly enter you in the comp.

  13. Ok so here is a list of contestants names and who they are representing at the Dog Gobble.
    1.Rio the toothless wonder (DB)
    2.Brad out of retirement fatboy Hendricks (Lumiere)
    3.Eric the natural born killer(DB)
    4.Alex the famous Amos …also out of retirement(Lumiere)
    5.Dougie the irish albino loser(Lumiere) he is going to lose
    6.Christopher Morgan (JJ Bean)
    7.Evan Broen (JJ Bean)
    8.Dwayne the truth Bryshun current pasta eating champ!(Lumiere)
    9.Hon von poop-en- pants (Maenam)
    10.Nick the kitsilano kid Brown(West Coast Fishing Club)
    11.James the fat ginger Townse (Mikuni Wild Harvest)
    12. Greg (West)
    13. Kevin Takaki (Mr.Mikes)
    14. Taylor something something Corrigan (Maenam)
    15.Myself the one and only Googgenheeiiimmerrrr
    Hey if you dont see yourself on this list but you want to enter just let me know. email: [email protected]


  14. YES I AM IN IT! Araxi is in Whistler but top table “hospitality” is in vancouver. So I am coming down and entering and kicking Ryo’s ass and thats all there is to it.

  15. Nate Dogg?!?!? What about me…. hmph. You wish I weren’t gonna be there.

  16. ok so we have some new entries:
    16. Richie Luxton..(current arm wrestling champ. just ask Chris Irving)
    17. Victor 445 Pulleyblank
    18. Chester Carey

  17. woops….I forgot to mention
    Rich is representing- Market
    Victor – Araxi
    Chester- Brewery Creek Liquor Store

  18. 3 more contestants have entered

    19. Phillip “Scarf one dog only” Scarfone(DB)
    20. Ben Huggins(Bin)
    21. Scott the kiwi Spence

  19. i’m not gonna lie…..I am probably gonna be the first to puke and then pass out….in that order….I hope.

  20. i hope you are all well and hungry tomorrow. i come to consume and based on no scientific fact what so ever am planning on consuming 15 dogs, not even the kid can stand in my way!

  21. Ok….Update…so no food in 36 hours… are all F*CK*D…This Fat Ginger is going to MoW down some “Illuminated” cooks!….Fact the human stomach can hold up to 4 litres of compressed food!…Bring on that bloated feeling!

  22. This is hilarious. I’m tweeting this shit. Also, Andrew, someone has spelled the word “wiener” incorrectly above. A small thing, but enough to make most grammar buffs recoil.