A Gastronomic Crawl Around Vancouver With Everybody’s Favourite Bartender

For this edition of The Dishes, the talented bartender was generous enough to show us where he breakfasts, lunches, dines and drinks.
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A Gastronomic Crawl Around Vancouver With Everybody’s Favourite Bartender

The Dishes is a new Scout column that asks Vancouverites to walk us through a map of their ideal day and night on the town. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night cocktails. Tax and tip included.

For this week’s edition of The Dishes, we ask Grapes & Soda barman Satoshi Yonemori to show us around a full day’s worth of his favourite Vancouver haunts. We begin at the fixed point of…

Grapes & Soda 1537 West 6th Ave. MAP

Good morning! What’s for breakfast/brunch?

Mushroom and sunchoke soup at Nemesis Coffee. It’s very comforting and yummy.

Nemesis 302 W Hastings St. MAP

Where should we meet for coffee/tea?

Cultivate Tea on Main. I like to sit down at the counter and have a tea tasting. Also their kombucha is so clean and delicious.

Cultivate Tea 3623 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N6 MAP

Now we’re hungry again. What’s for lunch?

Shio ramen at Motomachi Shokudo. That clear broth is full of umami and makes me go back there more often than I should…

Motomachi Shokudo 740 Denman St. MAP

Who has you figured out at Happy Hour?

Boxcar offers has a great Happy Hour deal. They have a good selection of craft beers. $2 off of all taps before 7pm. It’s also perfect to have Pizzeria Farina on the same block.

Boxcar 923 Main St. MAP
Pizzeria Farina 915 Main St. MAP

What’s for dinner?

Crowbar. I love going here for great drinks but mostly for Justin’s Omakase. I don’t know how this guy does it but he runs the entire menu all by himself. Plan to go there very hungry.

Crowbar 646 Kingsway MAP

What’s for dessert?

Anything at Orto Artisan Pasta. Steeve Raye (the owner) used to be the chef at Grapes and Soda. I remember his desserts being very delicate and simple. So sad he had to leave us but very happy he opened this new restaurant in North Vancouver. I’m not a huge dessert guy but his desserts are exceptional.

Orto Artisan Pasta 1600 Mackay Rd, North Vancouver MAP

Where are you taking us for late night cocktails?

Can I take you to a non-cocktail place? We could go to Back & Forth bar for a late night drink. I like the atmosphere there, the friendly staff and customers. My wife and I have way too much fun playing ping pong there


Back & Forth Bar 303 Columbia St. MAP

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  1. This is an awesome idea Scout. I think I want to take a whole day and visit every place. Are you going to be doing this weekly or monthly?

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