TEA & TWO SLICES: On Beggars, Choosers, And Making Beer With Albino Flesh At Earls

by Sean Orr | Via the Mainlander: “Beggars Can’t Be Choosers” with Save-On-Meats’ Sandwich Token. Yeah, I dig post-structuralist Marxism, too, but let’s be honest…

“This press release cuts straight to the core of our society’s distrust of low-income people: those with money believe themselves better equipped to make decisions on behalf of those without money.”

Isn’t that exactly what the Mainlander does? Has anyone asked the locals what they think? Attacking Mark Brand will do nothing to resolve the “structural inadequacies of the charity system.” And while they’re asking, please go ahead and give your tokens to me. I’d be glad to eat any sandwich given to me. Thank you very much.

Stuart Parker on the Georgia Viaduct: a defense of ugly spots in the most beautiful city in the world. “We can’t really be thinking that what Vancouver needs is more of the identical, sanitized landscape we see radiating out from the Olympic Village”. Wait, that sounds like me! So why do I disagree? Is it the semiotic weight of seeing the pillars of auto-culture come crashing down?

Via the Courier: Newsmaker of the Year: Neighbourhood dissent. Well, it certainly wasn’t the Courier, who I think mean NIMBYism when they say “neighbourhood dissent”. Plus it rings so hollow. Being against the provision of shelter is hardly similar to the dissent of the DERA and Chinatown residents who prevented a freeway from destroying their entire neighbourhood. What did these “newsmakers” accomplish? They encouraged residents to call 911 to report smoking within 6 meters of their doorways. How very noble.

CKNW asked, “Vancouver council is considering sending a letter to NHL urging lockout to end. A waste of time/taxpayers dollars”? Tristin Hopper‘s reply is our Tweet of the day:

Climate change: the Inuit now have a word for ‘robin’. Do they have a word for fat, free-market fundamentalist, Randian tycoon Prime Minister? I ask because I’m really sick of typing all that out. “The Arctic coastline is 67 per cent of Canada’s coast and is longer than both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts combined”. Just bask in the glaring redundancy in that sentence.

#idlenomore The Natives Are Restless. Wondering Why? “If you strive to be a bit more tactful, I’ll strive not to move beyond visualising punching you in the throat, okay?” I love it. Can I co-opt your movement now, please?

“Albino Rhino” beer case going to human rights tribunal. I don’t understand. It’s not like Earls makes their mediocre beer from albinos. Or do they? Also, this is the last reason I’d ever suspect to find the Earls chain brought before a human rights tribunal.

Letter of the week: Fraser Institute deficit hawks enjoy intimidating the public. Bless your heart, Larry Kazdan.

‘Tis the Season for Crashing Corporate Holiday Parties. It’s the best time of the year.

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