TRACK & FOOD // Adam Henderson On Superflux {Cabana}, Opening a Brewery and Following Your Dreams

Welcome to the Track & Food podcast. Host Jamie Mah is a writer, bartender and sommelier in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With co-host Mickey McLeod, they take regular deep dives into everything food and culture in the city and around the globe.

Adam Henderson (right) with Superflux partner, Matt Kohlen.

What a treat it was to finally have Adam Henderson of Superflux on. If you don’t know who he is or his brand, let’s just say it is one of the most respected in the province. Why? It’s because 80% of what they do is IPAs and BC loves their hoppy beers. It’s really that simple. Plus, I mean, how can you not love a coconut IPA? Or a strawberry cheesecake IPA?

Nevertheless, with success having come his way, you’d think he and his partner (Matt Kohlen) would just be happy with the new brewery they opened last year. Y’know, rest on their laurels. Chill out. Maybe visit Mexico?

Nope. Not the case at all.

Enter Superflux {Cabana}, their beautiful new restaurant in Victoria.

The room is absolutely stunning, as it was designed by the team from Studio Roslyn. It’s definitely a far cry from what one would expect a beer focused restaurant to look like, which, honestly, is a good thing.

Adam and I discussed how this new project came to be, what was the process of doing something completely different like, as well as how he got into this line of work in the first place and where he sees his company moving forward. This episode has a fun entrepreneurial bent to it as Adam distills a lot of how all of this came together, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m confident you will too.

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