On Drinking All the Expensive Whisky and Deep Thoughts on the McRib

Attention all food-loving history buffs! Atlas Obscura readers were asked to share their favourite historically significant restaurants and bars and here’s what they came up with.

While this year’s World Restaurant Awards pitched itself as more inclusive than its fellow culinary award ceremonies, it seems that their intentions fell short.

It may have seemed like a crazy idea at the time but clearly this Girl Scout knew exactly what she was doing when she plastered photos of Jason Momoa all over her boxes of Girl Guide cookies.

While Vancouver bartender Danielle Tatarin has been spending most of her time in Baja of late, she still has her favourite places to dine and drink whenever she returns home. Here are a few spots that will always keep her coming back.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the McRib? Turns out you’re in good company.

Radical Xchange founders Ashtin Berry and Kisira Hill rethink the boundaries of traditional hospitality events with their first forum, Resistance Served.

“The recent Resistance Served conference was their inaugural event; the two-day New Orleans symposium, which took place in early February, brought together food and beverage professionals and historians to celebrate Black historical achievements and discuss systemic barriers to success in the industry.”

CN Travel pays a visit to our fair city and shares their picks for their favourite spots to dine around town.

Joe Beef’s David McMillan on his recent sobriety and its impact on his award-winning Montreal restaurants.

“It was a gift for me when I realized: I’m done. I was either at one restaurant medicating or at another one medicating or another one medicating. I think all my managers got together one day and realized I was always medicating somewhere.”

Bad news for big food brands who are facing billions in losses as consumer tastes continue to change.

Ever wonder how much you should be tipping at coat check? Wonder no more!

The Smithsonian highlights seven new technologies that are helping to combat food waste.

The bad news: you missed International Margarita Day. The good news: there are still 364 days of the year you can enjoy a great margarita and Scout has a great list of some of the best margs in town.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @junipervancouver where the G&T’s are catching all that good afternoon light:


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You know that expensive bottle of whiskey you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Well, that shit was made to be drank so just drink it already!

The Atlantic explains how to turn a food aversion into a food affinity.

“Food aversions can generally be overcome with gentle, steady exposure, which can start with something as simple as buying the offending food and allowing it to be in the house.”

It’s one thing to make your airline food not suck. It’s a whole other thing to decide it’s good enough to open a brick and mortar fast food joint.

This week in food and science: Atlas Obscura explains why grapes in a microwave have a tendency to catch fire.

From Kissa Tanto and Como Taperia to Masayoshi and Grapes and Soda, Chef Jefferson Alvarez shows Bon Appetit how it’s done on the West Coast.

Speaking of Como, guess who’s rolling out a new Happy Hour service starting this week?

Ever wonder what Plague Water tastes like? This Minneapolis distillery is working with historians to bring medieval spirits recipes back from the dead.

“An alcoholic concoction of angelica root, gentian and about a dozen other herbs, plague water was popular among medieval apothecaries as a tonic to ward off a variety of diseases. Centuries later, it is one of eight forgotten spirits that Tattersall has resurrected in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.”

This week in food and podcasts, Secret Feminist Agenda explores the history of veganism and how it intersects with issues of race and gender.

Looking for work in in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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