Five Cool Art Shows We’re Looking Forward to Checking Out in Vancouver

Kristin Lim looks ahead to the month of March to see what good things are waiting for us in the local art scene.
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Five Cool Art Shows We’re Looking Forward to Checking Out in Vancouver

For this map we look ahead to March to see what good things are waiting for us in the local art scene. Here are five shows, mostly following an environmental theme, that are worthy of your attentions this month…

found/held | A group show at artist-run centre Access Gallery presents work by Alana Bartol (Calgary), Lindsay Dobbin (Bay of Fundy), Ursula Handleigh (Halifax) and Pavitra Wickramasinghe (Montreal). We can expect experimental photography, video, and more, with works relating to water and the land. We’re particularly curious to see a drawing installation by Wickgramasinghe titled Coral bones/La mer made of laser-cut paper and inspired by her fascination with the ancient art of wave-piloting—navigating the seas by feel, stars and sight. A conversation with participating artists Handleigh and Wickramasinghe and curator Katie Belcher takes place March 2nd from 2-4PM.


Access Gallery 222 E Georgia St. MAP

CUTTING THE CASTING | Construction and art? In his latest work, Omer Arbel explores processes and materials used in the construction industry to produce his fabric cast concrete forms. We’ve witnessed concrete poured into a giant fabric mould at the first event, Casting Commencement, now we’ll have the opportunity to see the resulting cast form and experience its transformation into a series of ring-shaped segments. The final work will become part of Arbel’s upcoming solo exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery, Particles for the Built World, which opens in April.


Cutting The Casting 1490 East Georgia St. MAP

UNTITLED | Vancouver-based Kate Metten’s first solo exhibition at Wil Aballe Art Projects is a collection of really lovely, minimal paintings and ceramics. The geometric abstract paintings are small and intimate, some the size of a novel, painted meticulously with thin layers of paint. Be sure to walk around the ceramic pieces affixed to the walls. The glaze used in Neodymium Sundial, a clay disc draped over a rod, changes colour throughout the day in natural and fluorescent lights. (It was pale blue when we viewed it on opening night.) There’s more in the back office space! A single chain, made of ceramic, hangs from the ceiling and gathers on the floor, alongside a collection of Kate’s ceramic bowls and mugs. Spend a little time at this one before it closes March 9th.


WAAP 1129 East Hastings St. MAP

SUPER, NATURAL | A nod to B.C.’s slogan, this group show at Kitsilano gallery Unit 17 features paintings, drawings, sculptures, and publications by over sixteen Canadian and international artists. Highlights include a drawing by Sarah Davidson, the garden at night, which reveals vibrant plant and animal life within its abstract shapes; a sculpture by Tiziana La Melia made of all kinds of things like eggshells, rose petals and barlotti beans suspended in resin; and a large cyanotype print made by Arvo Leo, tools and plants. Their message reads: NO PIPELINE. A portion of sales from this show is being donated to local organizations fighting for environmental justice. The exhibition has been extended to March 17th. It’s good. See it while you can.


Unit 17 2954 West 4th Ave. MAP

DESIGNING DEATH | Designing Death features contemporary funerary architecture and design from Canadian and international architects and designers. The designs explore contemporary natural burial practices, green burial projects, and innovative use of sustainable or biodegradable materials to make urns and caskets that contribute to the growth of the local environment. Sounds a little morbid, but also inspiring, thoughtful, and considerate. We’re intrigued!


Libby Leshgold Gallery 520 East 1st Ave. MAP

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