BARLEY MOWAT: A Look Inside “Brassneck Brewery”, Opening In August At Main & 6th


by Chuck Hallett | Brewery Creek will get five, count ’em, five new breweries this year. We’ve already given you the inside scoop on 33 Acres (opening July), but as cool as Josh Michnik’s art-house brewery will no doubt be, it’s not the brewery the beererati are a-buzz about. That brewery, my friends, is none other than Brassneck. Why does it get all the geek cred? Because it’s the love child of two of Vancouver’s premier craft beer legends, that’s why.

The first of those two is none other than Conrad Gmoser, the brewer behind Steamworks Brewing Company for the past 17 years. Also involved is the legendary Nigel Springthorpe who, in his capacity as co-owner of the equally legendary Alibi Room, has done more to promote craft beer in Vancouver since 2006 than almost anyone else.

That combination of talents – knowing the culture of craft beer in Vancouver, knowing what beers to make, and knowing how to make them – has pretty much every bearded face staring in the direction of Main & 6th Ave with lips parted slightly in slobbering anticipation of the brews that are about to spill forth.

Upon opening, Brassneck will sport the ability to brew up to ten different styles of beer at the same time in a variety of batch sizes. What does that mean? That means Conrad will be free from the traditional pub-beers of Steamworks to brew an ever-changing line-up of novel beers. Don’t like what’s on offer Tuesday? Come back Friday and things will have changed. That, combined with an attractive, large tasting room nestled between the brewhouse and cellar (and of course the prerequisite growler stations), will keep both the new initiates to craft beer as well as the old school coming back week after week after week.

Look for Brassneck to open at some point this August. In the meantime, read a full interview about the brewery with Nigel Springthorpe on my blog here and keep up to date on their progress via their Instagram.



Chuck Hallett lives and works in downtown Vancouver. His passionate obsession with craft beer borders on insanity. When not attempting to single-handedly financially support the local brewing industry through personal consumption, he spouts off on his award-winning beer-themed blog: If you’re in a good beer bar reading this, odds are he’s sitting next to you. Be polite and say hi.

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