GOODS: Gastown’s “Pourhouse” Making Holiday Glogg & Flipping Eggnogs To Order

Pourhouse is located at 162 Water Street in Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 604-568-7022 |

The GOODS from Pourhouse

Vancouver, BC | Visit Pourhouse over the holidays and experience the wonderful scent of old?fashioned holiday mulled wine and the decadence of rich creamy flips. Mulled wine dates back to the 17th Century and was, like many wonderful things, discovered by happenstance and experimentation. It was originally created to delay spoilage and improve the taste of stale wine, but, by the 18th Century, most cultures had developed traditions surrounding mulled wine and began to refine their recipes. For the holiday season, Pourhouse is featuring Glogg ? a Nordic style mulled wine consisting of red wine, port, brandy, orange, raisins, almonds and holiday spices. It’s served warm and fills your senses with cinnamon, cloves and citrus.

The Flip is a traditional libation, pre?dating the original cocktail. Its name originates from the creation process – a red?hot fire poker was inserted into a mixture of sugar, molasses, spices and rum causing the sugar to caramelize and the mixture to froth, or ‘flip’. The most well?known and popular flip is the traditional Egg Nog – made to order at Pourhouse using 8?year old Appleton Rum, a whole organic egg, heavy cream, raw sugar and a dash of grated nutmeg.

Share this holiday season with Pourhouse. Bring your friends and family for delicious food and a few festive cocktails over the holiday season. Allow Pourhouse to become part of your holiday tradition.

For more on the histories of mulled wine and flips check out And One More For The Road, where Rhett Williams takes you on a journey through the history of drinks, spirits and bartending.

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162 Water Street in Gastown | Vancouver, BC | V6B 1B2
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About Pourhouse


Embracing the sublime pleasure of drink, the joy of good food and the comfort of family – Pourhouse is the embodiment of a passion for sharing the simple indulgences of life with friends. Just southeast of the Steam Clock in Gastown, Pourhouse is born of century-old styles of drinking and dining. The 100-year-old building was built in 1910, as home to the Leckie Boot Company – the original structure crafted with Douglas Fir ceilings, supported by large wood pillars, and brick walls. Pourhouse is furnished in antiques of the era – complimented by custom creations. Every piece in Pourhouse has a story. The cornerstone is the 38 ft. bar – lovingly handcrafted from 120 year-old planks of reclaimed Douglas Fir. Entrance and hallway walls are finished with era-inspired textures and gold leaf detailing – no aesthetic left unconsidered.

The cocktails have an old-fashioned soul, in variations both plain and fancy – the catalyst for the entire concept. The wine list gets its inspiration from the turn of the century, and is priced to encourage sharing and discovering. Beers cover the range of tastes and styles – several selections representing the true ale craftsmanship of BC and the Pacific Northwest. Serious about coffee, Pourhouse serves a beautiful local roast, crafted with a handmade Synesso Espresso machine – overall, a focus on quality over quantity, with a particular interest in Whiskey and Whiskey applications to cocktails. The true heart of Bartending is shown through the creation of personalized experiences.

Food is designed with inspired and skillful technique, though born of familiar comforts. Hearty and mouth-watering meals with a sense of familiarity are done in a homemade style using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

We look forward to the honour of sharing our appetite for life with you.

Pourhouse embraces a singularly essential part of Vancouver – its own history.


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