VANCOUVER DETAIL #278: Smeagol The Eagle Scores Some Chow For Baby Gollum

This is Smeagol the East Side Eagle flying low over McLean Park with a seriously ripped apart crow in his clutches. He’s on his way back to his mate Deagol to feed their one remaining eaglet, who we’ve taken to calling Gollum. The new (fully brown) fella can be viewed – from a respectable distance with binoculars – testing his wings in the massive, unmissable aerie/nest located in the tall tree near the southwest corner of Strathcona Park. I reckon Gollum is about eight weeks old now, about as big as his folks. He’s always hungry, so both Smeagol and Deagol are taking turns to hunt for him several times a day. If you walk under the aerie, the ground is littered with bones.


Vancouver Detail is a new (and overdue) offshoot of Scout’s regular Seen In Vancouver column. With it, we aim to share the more macro scenes of our city’s awesomeness, the things that some of our more hurried readers might miss, from hidden works of art to all manner of unlikely but cool things lying in plain sight. 


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