Paul Croteau Confections Now Available At Oakridge Mall…

IMG_1964 3A few years ago after enjoying a few courses at Fuel (now Refuel), I distinctly recall enjoying desserts made by a pastry chef I’d never heard of before. His name was Paul Croteau, and my wife and I fell in love with his creations straight away. He was also something of a character. “It’s funny,” I remember c0-owner Tom Doughty telling me that night, “when all the main courses are finished he sort of takes over, telling the kitchen to quiet down, saying ‘Shh…it’s my turn now'”.

A few months ago, after working for over a year with chef Jeremie Bastien at Gastown’s Boneta, Croteau returned to Refuel, where he is now in charge of desserts, as well as those at sister restaurant Campagnolo. Together with Doughty and chef Robert Belcham, he’s just opened Paul Croteau Confections, a retail kiosk in Oakridge Shopping Center, where you can find his assorted macaroons, cookies, candies and other assorted goodies. Read the official announcement after the jump…

Vancouver, BC | On August 2, 2010, Paul Croteau Confections will offer Oakridge Shopping Centre patrons their first opportunity to purchase french style macarons and other hand-made treats. From their kiosk near the Atrium Entrance conveniently located by the Oakridge/Canada Line Station on 41st Ave, locally made pre-packaged cookies and candies will be available for sale and sampling.

Paul Croteau has created desserts for some of the best restaurants in Vancouver, including Lumiere, Boneta and, currently, Campagnolo Restaurant and Refuel Restaurant & Bar. His speciality is a versatile sandwich cookie called a macaron. Made of two almond meringue wafers filled with an intensely flavoured ganache, it is a Parisienne favourite that Croteau creates with a Vancouver style spin. While the technique is classic French, the ingredients are locally sourced with a preference given to organic and in season products, when available.

Macarons, which are not to be confused with coconut macaroons, are gaining popularity in North America. While Paris patisseries have been offering macarons for more than a century and Tokyo has had a strong fan base for over ten years, macarons are just catching on along the West Coast of North America.

Established in 2010 with business partners Robert Belcham and Tom Doughty, Paul Croteau Confections offers hand made sweets and cookies with locally sourced ingredients created with European techniques. To learn more about Paul Croteau Confections, please visit

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