On Dishwashing For Free And Douchetastic Restaurant Pickets

by Sean Orr | Oh boy (watch above): Escalating Conflict at Restaurant Pickets: Vandalism and assault charges surround gentrification protests. Everyone in this drama is a douchebag.

Meanwhile, Landlord, target of DTES ‘wanted’ campaign, turns himself in. Guess where George Wolsey used to have his pharmacy? Go on, guess! Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s where Pidgin is. That’s right, the protesters are more opposed to a fancy restaurant than an allegedly crooked methadone dealer.

We Are All Canucks Immigrants: Immigrants Are Staggeringly Costly? Nice Try, Fraser Institute. “Applying the logic deployed in the report, we should lobby to exchange our 25 year-old-Canadians for more 50 year-old-Canadians”. Please don’t.

Meanwhile: Fazil Follies: The Perfect End. Imagined job interview: “At the Fraser Institute I learned how to deliberately manipulate information. I then transferred these skills to the editorial board of the Vancouver Sun. To conclude, I believe I’ll be a perfect fit as Assistant Deputy Minister in charge of the B.C. Liberal government’s oil and gas initiatives.”

Persona non grata: Unpaid bus person internship offered at Vancouver hotel. “Even dishwashing, it’s education,” he said. “It’s a lower-end job, but from there it stems to many other things.” Like, for example, getting your own column on Scout.

Regarding this whole Hells Angel hiring debacle: Former convicts make bad employees—and other hiring myths big data expose.

TransLink’s Compass display glitch shows options for texting, music. “If the rider has any concerns about not correctly ‘tapping out’ – which can result in a greater charge under the new system – the rider can call customer service”. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and tap out. Thanks.

Bonus: Don’t Argue. But I love to argue!

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  1. Hi Sean, reading your blog in Sevilla
    Glad to see the monkeys are still in charge of Translink “clever monkeys let’s shoot them so they don’t do it again” that is a quote from Sir Edward Lutyens when he first saw Simla so I am not advocating just pointing out that some things never change


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