LOOKCITY: On Local Summer Sale Finds, Yearbook Boys, And Fashion On The Screen

by Jenny Bachynski | Vice gets top marks for being stylish, funny and random all at once with their Yearbook Boys series.

very different kind of Marc Jacobs limited edition item inspired by Southpark.

Is it still considered street style photography if it’s deliberate and not an unplanned stumble upon? Neat ideas in this article.

When fashion photos get giffy. Cool. I especially love the one of Bill Cunningham at New York Fashion Week.

Two little girls decide to experiment with a beauty transformation and the results are pretty adorable. Their reporter Dad interviews them after the fact. You must listen through to the end. The things we do for style!

Getting a good photo of a skateboarder in action isn’t easy, but photographer Sam Ashley has figured it out.

Obakki is having a big online sale and all summer/spring items are 50% off. Take advantage while supplies last.

Gee! Jewelry is a local Vancouver jewelry line that makes amazing necklaces out of bullet casings. For the month of July get 50% of all necklace sales are being donated to Cystic Fibrosis awareness.

If you take style inspiration from your favorite TV/movie characters (people do!), then illustrator Kyle Hilton has created an interesting outlet for you. He designs paper dolls and numerous costume changes for tons of well known characters. Dress up and play with people from Breaking BadDownton AbbeyGirls, and Arrested Development, to name just a few.

Zoe Kazan is about to star in Ruby Sparks, a new film (that she wrote) due out at the end of July. Check out this interview where she opens up about her newly blossoming career, as well as her ever-changing style.

The Coveteur recently featured our favourite Cher Horowitz. Anice blast from the past! The styling in Clueless has stuck with many of us over time. Re-watching the old VHS tape will reaffirm as much (I don’t see plaid, knee socks, or tiny backpacks going anywhere).

My Better Half is a place to learn details and coo over stylish couples. Love the photography and subtle graphics.

Remember when we discussed this? The battle continues…

Hot? Wear a turban. Learn how to tie one here.

Check out some local looks after the jump…


Jerry and Vincent from Kerrisdale | Well put together in a not too serious way

Macrina from Main | Tailored clothing, bold hair. Great combo

Aaron from the West Side | Clean cut classic

Denize from East Broadway | Stylish casual

Oak and Fort |  Texture is in and you can find it at Oak and Fort

Inventory Stockroom | Some great men’s outerwear

Caroline from Surrey |  Pink hair is not easy, but this shade works so well for Caroline.

Fun prints at Ishara

Julie from Coquitlam | Perfect dress for a summer breeze

Linda from downtown | Simple sophisticated

Mia from Marpole | Stylish Norwegian with great sandals

Moeko from Gastown | A nice change of colour for a lace up boot

MO851 – newly opened at 44 Water Street. Visit and sort through all the amazing leather goods designed in Montreal



Jenny Bachynski is the Style Editor of Scout Magazine. Raised in Alberta, she packed up her bags in her teens and headed to Vancouver to pursue further education in fashion design. In 2009, she started her own small business Jenny Andrews Recycled Leather Goods, as well as her blog Jenny Loves. Thereafter, she discovered that one of her greatest joys was stumbling upon beautiful and interesting things, and sharing them with anyone who would listen.


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