Food Critic’s Attackers Go Unpunished In New York Court

www.timesunion.comRemember that guy who penned some unkind things about an Albany, NY restaurateur two years ago and had the living daylights subsequently beaten out of him by thugs looking to get paid in free drinks? Neither do I. But he’s understandably a little bummed tonight, as neither of his assailants were punished in court earlier today. Both walked  free without even a massage on the wrist. And what about the restaurateur who allegedly ordered the “hit” on the Mario Batali lookalike? He’s clean too. None of this would amuse me, of course, if it wasn’t for a comment left on Gawker’s coverage of the story…

As for the attack, one can only call it tepid and unadventurous at best. The punches lack any kind of zest or flair and were generally flat and tasteless. A kick to the groin was equally as uninspired and seemed to be missing the richness of earlier ‘nad knockings. A good beat-down is supposed to excite all of the senses, but this attack failed to leave this reviewer wanting more. Two-and-a-half stars.”

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