Tea & Two Slices: On Drugs And The Smoking Broken Bus Stop


by Sean Orr | Welfare rules forcing people into destitution: Report. Apparently, this report was done by the Institute for Total Fucking Common Sense (ITFCS).

The Crown protected the cops involved in the freezing death of a man, says lawyer. Not exactly sure why I have to go to Winnipeg to find this story…

Way out in front of the pack for story of the year goes to The Dependent for their Wire-esque account of Vancouver’s notorious drug trade. Base Logic Part Two: The System, and part three: The Violence.

And because the police are doing such a bang-up job winning the drug war, our taxes to go up 2.2%.

The New Class Warfare over Bicycles. A great article to be sure, but Vice takes it to the next level and tweets Rob Ford’s number!

Meanwhile the wanks wonks at City Caucus finally have the smoking gun they’ve been looking for to bring down nasty Gregor, a broken bus stop. I think they might have a case for impeachment there.

Salvia survivor calls Miley Cyrus irresponsible. Well, if you’re a noob, you’re going to jump out the window anyways. If you can’t handle drugs, don’t do salvia just because you saw Miley do it on YouTube, mkay?

Motto Books Opens in Vancouver.

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