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Sazerac Supper Marks New Turn For Heather’s Long Table Series


Michelle and I attended a very satisfying Long Table Series dinner at the Irish Heather last night. It was the first of the restaurant’s whisky themed LST suppers. Chef Lee Humphries plated an excellent baked ham on mash with bourbon soaked cherry compote to close out a solid tasting of four Buffalo Trace products: Rock Hill Farm Single Barrel, Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel Reserve, Buffalo Trace Eagle Rare 10YO Single Barrel, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Kentucky Straight.

The sold out affair (the LTS is apparently booked for a month and a half in advance) began in the Shebeen with a well made Sazerac cocktail. For me, this was the first time the new Shebeen felt like the original (not that long ago it was across the street). I think the whisky and shite weather combo had plenty to do with that, for after five or six sips and some indoor warmth I was completely at ease, quite ready to stay long and really lean into a few, but the bell rang – as it had to do – and we were all led over to the long communal table. Here, flights of amber-coloured Kentucky happy stood still and well behaved like soldiers, waiting for the battle to begin.

The keynote speaker, Andrew Starritt of Cask Strength (introduced by Sarah Hirjee of The Bacchus Group) got us started and away we went, sipping and sampling and getting to know the strangers to the left and right of us (a cool lot, thanks for letting us hang with you). Here are some photos of the night, some admittedly (and suitably) blurry. Cheers…

  • At the bar, Sazerac cocktails lining up
  • In the Shebeen, readying for action
  • Please be seated...
  • Sarah Hirjee (standing at right) introduces Andrew Starritt
  • Andrew Starritt introduces the bourbons
  • The tasting companion
  • Hello...
  • Sipping and sampling at the long table
  • Sarah Hirjee of The Bacchus Group
  • Lee Humphries...in a hurry
  • Dinner is served
  • Baked ham with mashed potatoes and bourbon soaked cherry compote
  • Apple pie with whisky ice cream
  • Chef Lee Humphries and Cask Strength's Andrew Starritt

Should be interested in trying to get a seat for a future LTS, visit LTSMenu.blogspot.com for details or get on the Irish Heather’s mailing list by clicking here.

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