On Ramen And Bikes And Lookouts And Bestie


by Andrew Morrison | This is a new feature in which we will examine 1,000 awesome things about Vancouver, 10 at a time. Ambitious, sure, but it has a point. It was originally designed to remind those people who have left Vancouver of what they’ve left behind. You probably know a few friends who’ve skipped town. I certainly do. I’ve lost many to places near and far afield, even a brother (to Germany) and a sister-in-law (to LA). The reasons why they left are numerous, nuanced, and as varied as the contents of a general store. Some left for love, while others fell victim to the notion that we live in a culturally retarded town where the powers that be take heed of (and act on) whatever the soul-killing NIMBYs are bitching about on any given Wednesday. And for many others still, it’s that irresistible opportunities presented themselves elsewhere. For most, however, it’s that Vancouver was too hard a place to afford a balanced, rewarding lifestyle where they could earn a proper keep. And who can blame them? We get it. Vancouver is not always awesome. But when it is, one has to admit that it’s in a league entirely of its own. This new series therefore aims to show those dodgers (and those who are considering getting out of dodge) that it isn’t all bad, and that their love of Vancouver is something worth coming home for. And if you don’t dig the first 10 that follow, there are – at the very least – 990 more to come. So without further et cetera…


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  1. As a former Vancouverite who’s been gone for 2 years, you’ve struck the heart of it (rather, you’ve just begun). Although it pains me a bit to read through each one of these, I’m happy that you’re catching the nuanced spirit of what makes Vancouver so wonderful. I agree that it can be a difficult place to live a balanced lifestyle at times, (I’m currently living in Norway) but the energy of Vancouver is unforgettable – I really miss it!

    Thanks for a great morning read.