River Market at Westminster Quay


810 Quayside Dr. | New Westminster, B.C. | V3M 6B9
Telephone: 604-520-3881
Web: www.rivermarket.ca | Facebook | Twitter


  • 016 - Boardwalk
  • GreatWallTea
  • Garden
  • Edible Garden
  • Donald's
  • SummerNight
  • Re-Up


Mark Shieh: Director
Mia Ciric: General Manager
Deana Lancaster: Marketing Manager
Kiran Rai Office: Administrator
Jennifer Lee: Graphic Designer
Leslie Shieh: Project Planner


When faced with the task of revitalizing the Westminster Quay Public Market back in 2008, the River Market team wondered: How to reinvent a public market without becoming a mall?

The concept — food-led revitalization centred on local, independent businesses — has proven to be successful since the market opened in November 2010. All of the tenant-partners are founded in the Lower Mainland, if not right in the Market itself. The innovative approach unites people around the activities of food, its emphasis on cultural and communal activities helps distinguish the Market from other retail outlets, and a customer loyalty program reinvests 1% of money spent at River Market into grassroots projects in New Westminster.
The Market’s food precinct, based on a unique “Food 360” vision, celebrates the full circle of food. At River Market, you can grow herbs in edible garden plots, shop for organic produce in Donald’s flagship store or at the Royal City Farmers’ Market, participate in cooking classes, share meals in restaurants and cafes, and enjoy food festivals. The 360 degrees is completed with a Market-wide composting program.

In addition to food for your body on the first floor, River Market feeds your curiosity on the second floor with an Artisan Market, Music Box Music School, The Network Hub and the Vancouver Circus School. The Market plays host to events such as workshops and speakers’ series, to engage and educate the public on a variety of subjects.

The goal is to help strengthen the links between residents and local businesses, and with the local food system.

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