Poll: What New Restaurant Was The Very Best Of The 2010 Crop?


As I do every year around this time, I name my picks for the Top 10 Best New Restaurants Of The Year in the paper. This year’s list gets published next Thursday. But I’m just one guy with one opinion. Let’s hear yours…

What Was The Best New Vancouver Restaurant To Open In 2010?

  • 34%
  • 29%
    Bao Bei
  • 21%
    The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe
  • 5%
  • 3%
    Judas Goat
  • 2%
    Cork & Fin
  • 2%
    Oru at the Fairmont Pacific Rim
  • 2%
    Adesso Bistro
  • 1%
  • 1%
    The Keefer Bar

Thanks for voting!

Keep in mind that one or two of these may have opened in late December of 2009 simply for the reason that I didn’t get around to trying them until the New Year kicked in. Similarly, a couple of the newest ones (eg. Tavola, The Waldorf) haven’t been listed because – like me – many of you probably haven’t checked them out just yet. They will be included in the 2011 poll. Also note that these aren’t necessarily the restaurants that will be on my list. I just assumed they’d all be on yours. If I’m missing some worthies, you have my apologies.

PS. I’ll expire this poll before we go to Christmas break.

PPS. Thanks for your votes! This poll is now closed.

There are 36 comments

  1. Where is Calabash on this list?

    They opened in 2010, and the food and vibe there is second to none in the city! Where else can you enjoy a great meal and go dancing in the same place?

  2. The Keefer as a restaurant? Give me a fucking break. The “kitchen” is 6″ x 6″ and the shitty food is snacks at best. The least you could do is include real restaurants in the mix. This ain’t one.

  3. Was waiting for that, Doug. As mentioned, this is not a fully comprehensive list. Acme, Red Wagon, Terracotta, Calabash, etc. are all from 2010 and should have been included. My bad. If you want to add any other ones for the consideration of others (and myself), I’d love to see what else I missed!

  4. ” I vote for Corner suite, food is delicious, great drinks!! ”

    I will not engage as you are a troll with a wickedly poignant sense of satire.

  5. L’Abattoir
    Classiest new place with a spirited environment
    that is second to none thanks to Pauls outstanding
    relationship with guests and staff alike.
    Have you seen the food?…Lee’s a genius.

  6. EnRoute Magazine: has Bao Bei as the 2nd Best New Restaurant in Canada

    therefore EnRoute Magazine does not know how to Rate

    Bao Bei is a 1st class winner and the designer accomplishment should have an honourable mention in the EnRoute Magazine

  7. Well, the truth is: there are a few spots worthy of this title. A restaurant should obviously have amazing food, prices that are accommodating for all, a warm and welcome energy, and of course a Vibe that will fill your soul. CALABASH is the spot for all who love life! Music, poetry, the best Caribbean food hands down, art, live music, the city’s best DJ’s and of course the epic lounge downstairs where all can jam together in unity. Love what you guys at CALABASH are doing for everyone to experience!!

  8. I agree Calabash should definitely have made the list – great addition to the neighbourhood. I love the Keefer too – hate to see it linger at the bottom… but I see it as a bar rather than restaurant. Worst? Judas Goat. Cork and Fin is great too!

  9. The Corner Suite Bistro Deluxe has consistently served superb food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers an amazing array of cheeses, cocktails and desserts in a very welcoming atmosphere of understated elegance. Steve is an incredibly knowledgable bartender and the team of chefs under Jason put a good measure of love in their meals. I have a meal there least once a week and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! Delicious meals and great value for money on the table.

  10. What about Calabash!!! I mean I love all the restaurants listed here to vote on, but Calabash is at the top of my list as well as many others!

  11. Sorry Calabash, too much culture equals not pretentious enough for Vancouver…WOW, not even on the new restaurant list????
    What a shame, considering how I have seen how these pioneers are changing the face of our neighborhood(gastown/Chinatown). How could this happen?
    Wake up Vancity, smell the food and feel the vibes..
    Calabash feeds the soul!!

    Ps- The food is Irie

  12. Sorry folks, I can’t actually afford to go to all the new restaurants springing up in my hood. sure is nice to see all you nice people enjoying them though…

  13. um… that said… I really liked Calabash when I was there to see David Diamond’s Us and Them. I will eat there again one day!

  14. Cafeteria is the propper new source for delicious plates. I love L’Abottoir, Cork, and keeper but Cafeteria is the money shot.

  15. If we are voting for THE Very Best…. L’Abattoir is the only choice. Lee is THE guy. He has awesome backup in the kitchen, the best of bartenders serving drinks and Paul is THE guy up front. Formidable team!