9½ Minutes With Bao Bei Owner & Trapeze Star, Tannis Ling…

As regular Scout readers and restaurant watchers are keenly aware, bartender Tannis Ling, who was at Chambar from 2005 until just over a month ago, is working on opening a modern, cocktail-forward Shanghainese/Taiwanese restaurant called “Bao Bei” at 163 Keefer Street in Chinatown proper. After getting to know Tannis a little by watching the interview above, read all about her plans here.



There are 2 comments

  1. Residing in Gastown, I simply cannot wait for this to open!

    Dim sum and modern authentic bites are quite limited in Chinatown… but looks like things are really picking up.

  2. Looking forward to dim sum and cocktails. Just waht Chinatown needs – an authentic menu, forward thinking drink and Asian food pairings, and a pasionate owner who loves her craft and culture.