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    Anthony Nicalo and Jessica Robinson

    About Dajoji


    Dajoji chef coats are designed by chefs for chefs. Traditional chef coats are boxy and fit like a paper sack. Dajoji coats have been cut with movement in mind. Also Dajoji Kitchen Performance Apparel is traceable from Farm to Hanger. We have carefully sourced our materials and provide full transparency to you the wearer. Dajoji coats are made of 100% Organic Cotton from a cooperative in Texas. You don’t serve petrochemicals in your restaurant why would you wear them?

    Dajoji currently offers two cut’s of our chef jacket a men’s and a women’s, as well as a bistro apron. Expect a butcher apron and a charcoal variation to come soon!

    Who’s wearing the coat in Vancouver

    Barbara-Jo McIntosh – Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks

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