Crave On Main



3941 Main Street | Vancouver, BC | MAP
Telephone: 604-872-3663
Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11am-10pm | Saturday: 9am-10pm | Sunday: 9am-9pm | Brunch Daily until 2:30pm | Closed on Mondays


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Executive Chef/Owner: Wayne Martin
General Manager: John Oldham
Catering Liaison: Andrew Sward



Crave on Main, in the trendy and upcoming Main Street neighbourhood, attracts guests from all locales. The small and intimate interior combines with a lush and charming seasonal patio to create an atmosphere that has made this urban delight so widely loved. CRAVE: where quality and care are evident in every bite of the grown-up, comfort-food menu. A delicious creation of Chef Wayne Martin (former Four Seasons Hotel executive chef), this upscale bistro prides itself in featuring fresh, local, and often organic ingredients. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and fun while the food is creative, generous and affordable.



After 15 years honing his craft in the esteemed kitchens of Four Seasons Hotels around the world, executive chef Wayne Martin was eager to scale back and make a return to the kitchen…in his very own restaurant. Because what he had discovered —as a line cook in Four Seasons resorts in Minaki and Toronto, Ontario; and working his way up through the ranks in Nevis in the Caribbean, Austin and Atlanta; and as executive chef in Vancouver — is that he loves to cook, to create, “to touch the food.” Not that he would ever trade in those 15 years. They gave him all the tools and experience he would need as chef and owner of Crave on Main, opened in 2004; Fraiche restaurant, opened early in 2008; and Crave Beachside, opened in the summer of 2008. “I have no formal training,” says the native of Barrie, Ontario. Instead, he opened himself up to learning his trade, and credits two fellow Four Seasons chefs with being key in his development: Doug Anderson in Washington D.C. and Martin Frost in Santa Barbara. Ruy Paes Braga, former General Manager of the Four Seasons Vancouver, also infl uenced his outlook on running a business. “I’m still learning every day, and that’s vital. You have to be able to adapt to ever-changing cultures, environments, chefs, employees and kitchens. And you have to be able to listen to others; I’m not right all the time and I know that.” As for the food, Martin believes in keeping it simple and letting the fresh fl avours speak for themselves. He is no fan of the recent trend towards molecular gastronomy — in which the principles of science are applied to food to produce often surprising results, such as flavoured “foams,” “powders” and “pearls.” He does, however, like how the eating public is taking an increasing interest in what it’s eating and where it comes from. What’s next? Who knows. Martin likes the idea of launching a catering branch of Fraiche, and opening more craves in other communities, but he’s also enjoying where he’s at. “When I am in my chef whites, which is all the time, people ask where I work. I tell them that I own crave and Fraiche and not only do they know the places, but they have eaten there and enjoy the restaurants.” It doesn’t get much better than that.


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