Concept Change Brings Updated Greek Cuisine To “Nu” Tomorrow

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |
Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

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Vancouver, BC | Harry Kambolis dished out food to family and friends at his last Greek Easter celebration, a yearly tradition that has grown in scope and size since it started 15 years ago. It was then that he envisioned the pillars of Greek eating – family and freshness – finding a home at Nu Restaurant on December 1, 2010.

Inspired by the many islands of the Greek Aegean Sea with their fertile valleys, simmering volcanoes and deep waters rife with aquatic delicacies, Kambolis boldly seeks to re-invent Greek cuisine in North America by bringing time-honoured Greek culinary tradition into the 21st Century. Read and the menu and all the details after the jump…


“My mom has been an integral part of this whole transformation,” says Kambolis of his mother, Georgia. “She’s been in the kitchen every day for the past two months developing the menu,” he adds. “It’s no secret that my mom just beat cancer, so as a family, we’ve really re-evaluated what’s important to us and asked ourselves where we’d like to go in this new decade. Returning to our roots has certainly come into play,” he concludes.

Nu will debut a modern Greek menu featuring fresh, contemporary farm to table dishes full of clean and robust flavours such as Nu’s Traditional Roasted Lamb (oregano, tomato braised chickpeas, horta) and Georgia’s Potatoes (lemon, garlic, oregano, meli, Aegean sea salt). It will celebrate the past by integrating the richness of B.C.’s present while committing to work with all local ingredients and food producers of the future.

“You know the joke about Greeks inventing everything? Well, I plan to re-invent and re-define what Vancouverites know as contemporary Greek,” says Kambolis as Nu brings modern design and refreshed décor to Vancouver with new seating that will have customers dining in comfort and style.

A veteran in the restaurant industry, Kambolis transformed Vancouver’s culinary scene in 1992 with Raincity Grill, a pioneer in farm to table cuisine followed a few years later by C Restaurant, “a contemporary fish restaurant,” as he blazed the trail in Ocean Wise, sustainable practices.

Nu goes Greek on December 1, 2010, making history yet again.


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  1. Well done. Vancouver needs a high quality Greek place. Harry, your Yaya would be proud.