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Vancouver Office | 402 West Pender Street, Suite 306 | Vancouver, B.C, V6B 1T6
Call Toll Free: 1-866-483-3176
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Who Are We?

The Fifteen Group was formed in 2001 by David Hopkins, a restaurant industry leader in effective restaurant business management. David recognized that there were a tremendous number of restaurants failing, not because of poor sales, but solely because of operational management inefficiencies. The Fifteen Group is North America’s restaurant consulting expert team.

David Hopkins – President
Alex Fraser – VP, Western Operations
Roger Stark – Controller, Restaurant Accounting
Stuart Betteridge – Chef Consultant

How Can We Help?

We offer a variety of options to help you get us on board. Whether you want us to work gradually with you to maintain low monthly costs (as we do our Consulting/Accounting package) or if you want a timely and effective overhaul to your business operation, we have got an option that suits your needs. If not, let us know- we also consult on an hourly basis or we can develop a package to suit your needs.

Why Trust Us?

Our team has seen it all, with a combined total of 100 years experience in the hospitality and restaurant businesses. We focus on the complete restaurant consulting spectrum from operations management to finance.


Will The Fifteen Group help find restaurant financing for new restaurant start-ups?

We do not find equity financing, although, we do help to arrange bank financing for suitable restaurants – we work a lot on structuring restaurant companies making bank financing a good option. Because of our expertise and experience in openings and operations, our involvement in a restaurant venture gives lenders a increased comfort level.

Do you work with new restaurant start-ups?

Yes, this is one of our specialties. Our team has combined opening experience of over 100 restaurants from the ground, up. There are so many different components to a restaurant opening – POS, marketing, concept branding, menu engineering, licenses and permits, staff training, etc., etc. – an opening is the one chance you have to do it right and having our team help you every step of the way makes sure that you do it right. Our experience also brings you immediate direct savings to your project. Our relationships and networking with suppliers and vendors makes our Opening Package pay for itself.

Do you do Business Plans? What do they cost?

Yes, we do business plans for new restaurant start-ups. The cost varies according to the “level” of business plan required. On the low end, if you just need some accurate and detailed financial projections done for your own purposes, it would cost approximately $2,000. On the high end, if you need a business plan that is going to entice equity investment and help secure bank financing, it would cost approximately $7,000.

Do you only work with certain types of restaurants?

No, our services cover the full spectrum of the hospitality industry. The majority of our clients our restaurants, but our overall client profile ranges from nightclubs to fine dining restaurants to catering and more.

If we bring The Fifteen Group on board to help with our restaurant operation, how much money will you make us?

It depends on the restaurant, but when we take a client on, we normally save them between 7% and 15% of sales (that’s between $70,000 and $150,000 for a restaurant with $1 million in sales). We do not take on any client unless we are extremely confident that we can make them more money (which is why we have 100% success). If we think that you are a potential client, we will do an initial consult which allows us to specifically see the areas of opportunity and know how our services can help you and to what degree.

Does The Fifteen Group also manage restaurants?

We will manage a restaurant operation under the right circumstances. If an owner, or a group of owners would like to remove themselves from the operation, or are in need of someone to oversee the operation, we can provide this service. More often than not, the increased profits that we generate with our involvement in a management capacity will offset the fees that we charge.

I need a “restaurant makeover”. Do you do that?

Absolutely. We have a diverse team that covers all areas of a restaurant development and operation – interior designers, chefs, brand marketing experts, operations specialists, finance and accounting. We have a package, The Fifteen Week Fix, that is a complete “restaurant makeover” over a 15 week period – from the overall concept to the operational functionality and profitability of the restaurant operation.

Are your services limited to the Toronto, Vancouver and Chicago area?

No, we will service clients all across North America. We have worked with Night Clubs in L.A., to restaurants on the Atlantic coast.

Do you provide restaurant bookkeeping / accounting?

We do in conjunction with a consulting package. Detailed, timely and accurate financial statements are crucial to profit maximization. They are the source of information that tell you where you are hitting the mark and where you are missing it and require adjustments. Without proper accounting and financial reporting, you are running your restaurant with a blindfold on.

Can you help us with the development of our menu?

One of areas of expertise is menu engineering. If your annual food sales are $1 million, improving your menu profitability by just 3% is a profit increase of $30,000! We will strip down your menu to its core components and re-tool it to maximize profits and guest experience. Our Chef Consultant, Stuart Betteridge, is an expert at improving flavor profiles and kitchen efficiency, for everything from pubs to high-end restaurants. Your menu is the key to your restaurant – it better be outstanding, efficient and profitable.


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