John Bishop: Would-Be Arctic Explorer

One or twice a week Scout poses 60 questions to a local who has made life in BC that much more interesting. They pick and choose which ones they’d prefer to answer, with a minimum response rate of 20. A Rorschach test, for sure…

Inarguably one of Vancouver’s most respected chef/restaurateurs, John Bishop is also a cookbook author, mentor, and the Godfather of Vancouver’s regional cuisine. For over twenty years, his local-centric restaurant Bishop’s – widely considered one of the best in the country – has trained and inspired legions of young cooks, servers, and managers to source their food locally and to forge strong relationships with the farmers and producers of the Lower Mainland.


Scout Q&A

Three things about your neighbourhood that make you want to live there: Point Grey: parks; beaches; friendly people.

Default drink of choice: Campari spritzers.

The one place you’d move to: Rural Britain.

Favourite wine varietal: Riesling.

One thing you’d like to change about Vancouver: Downtown Eastside.

Cheap place for dinner: East Is East.

Book you’re reading: Three Day Road by

Last place traveled: India.

Cliche that you use too often: “Well done”.

Dead film actor you wish was still making pictures: John Casavettes.

Place in BC that you love escaping to: Kalamalka Lake near Vernon.

Under what circumstances would you join the army: None.

Saddest thing about Vancouver: Homelessness.

Most challenging part of owning a business: Time away from family.

Your nickname growing up: “Bish”.

Talent you wish you possessed: Languages.

Musical instrument you long to play: Guitar.

Sport you gave up: Hunting in Ireland.

The game you’re best at: Catch with my daughter.

Somewhere within an hour of Vancouver that is worth checking out: Crescent Beach.

Local person you admire most: Milton Wong.

Best concert experience ever: Frank Sinatra.

Aspect of your personality you wish you could change: Procrastination.

The thing you wished people cared more about: Eachother.

The dish you’re most proud of: Any family meal that I can cook for them.

The thing that makes you the most nervous: The global economy.

Town you were born in: Shrewsbury, Shropshire (England).

Old television shows you can tolerate re-runs of: Doc Martin and The Vicar of Dibley.

Album that first made you love music: Bill Hayley and the Comets’ Rock Around the Clock.

The career path you considered but never followed: Arctic Explorer.

The one country that you have no interest in ever visiting: Iraq.

Your top 3 films of all time: The Tempest. Being There. Local Hero.

The first three things you do every morning: Tea. Newspapers. Breakfast.

The thing you’re addicted to: Cooking.

Biggest hope: World peace.

Luckiest moment of your life: Meeting my wife, Theresa.

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