Friday & Saturday, 12-6pm
(Special requests accepted)


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The People

Jess Taylor — Founder/Operator
Rodrigo Pinto — Seafood Wizard

About Wandering Mollusk Oyster Co.

Meet Wandering Mollusk

It started with a few friends, a platter of Pacific Ocean oysters and a locally brewed craft beer. With glasses raised to toast our good fortune, the shucking began. It was a time to be shared. For Jess it brought back memories of lobster boils on the beach in Nova Scotia and shucking good times at Rodney’s Oyster Bar in Vancouver. Conversation turned to the idea of a mobile oyster bar. A wanderer himself, and a longtime fan of the crustacean community, Jess saw the Wandering Mollusk bringing the freshest, finest quality oysters to weddings, birthdays, and scores of other events all across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Five years and hundreds of celebrations later, it was time to put the bucket on the boil, so that today you can enjoy the full oyster bar and boil bucket experience at pop-ups and personal occasions from Tofino to Whistler.

Our Buckets
Sustainably harvested and freshly packed seafood in a one time cooking tin. Whats not to love? Hosting your friends and family has never been this easy. You provide the wine or beer and sit back for good times unplugged.

They say that less is more, but we say more is more. And so we give you a choice of six different buckets and a challenge: which one to choose. The solution is simple: Invite more friends and order one of each!

Favourable Reviews

I have done their seafood boil bucket twice, pop-up oysters/clam dip (we want more dip!!) multiple times and most recently a co-hosted event at Bear and Joey. Everything is always 10/10.” — Mic

My partner and ordered (and very much enjoyed) the new Seafood Boil Bucket. The instructions were perfect. We appreciated the advice about saving some of the pieces (corn, potatoes, sausage) for a hash the next day. We use a Whistle Buoy pale ale as a base and added 2 1/2 cups instead of the 2 cups on the instructions. It is such a cool idea and executed so well. Also, delicious.” — Phoenix

The seafood boil bucket is amazing! We made it with water but I will definitely try beer next time! A must try – they truly loaded it with the freshest seafood & added the yummiest sauces. The chimi sauce is killer! Also, a huge thank you to Jess for the awesome customer service. Thank you so much. I will be back soon!” — Alyson

Outstanding customer service and the crab bucket was unbelievably good. Will definitely order again and highly recommend.” — Craig

7 Ways to Embrace West Coast Living” — Yam Magazine

10 to Watch 2016: The Wandering Mollusk” — Douglas Magazine