True Grain Bread

Imagine a world where the craftsmanship of the baker, the fragility of our planet, the integrity of the organic farmer, the strength of community and the simplicity of real food are valued and nourished.


True Grain Bread (Courtenay)
445 10th St., Courtenay, BC
True Grain Bread (Summerland)
10108 Main St., Summerland, BC


Cowichan Bay:
Everyday, 8am to 6pm

Tuesday – Saturday, 8am – 5pm | Closed Sunday & Monday

Wednesday – Saturday, 8am – 5pm | Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday


  • True Grain Croissants
  • True Grain Copenhagen Swirl
  • True Grain French Baguettes
  • True Grain Red Fife Sourdough
  • Bicycle
  • True Grain Organic Pastries
  • True Grain Wholegrain Khorasan
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  • True Grain pastries
  • True Grain loaves
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Stone Mill
  • True Grain Baguettes

The People

Owners: Bruce & Leslie Stewart, Todd Laidlaw

About True Grain Bread

Imagine a world where the craftsmanship of the baker, the fragility of our planet, the integrity of the organic farmer, the strength of community and the simplicity of real food are valued and nourished.

When you walk into a True Grain bakery, the first thing you’ll do is take a slow, deep breath. Maybe the sourdough rye is just out of the oven, with its earthy aroma that seems to beg for a nice ripe cheese. Or it could be the Red Fife ginger cookies, perfuming the air with the tang of fresh ginger and the warmth of molasses.

Beyond the sensual pleasure of handcrafted baking, there is a philosophy at work at True Grain. It directs everything that is purchased, prepared and presented.

It starts of course, with the grain itself. We use 100 % BC-grown organic grain for everything we bake. From ancient grains like Einkorn, Emmer, Rye, Khorasan and Spelt, to heritage wheat like Canada’s own Red Fife, we buy directly from organic farmers close to home.

From the farm, the grain goes to the miller. We use stone mills to grind the grain slowly at low temperatures, in order to maintain the integrity and nutrients of the grain. Staying “true to the grain” means adding no preservatives or conditioners to the flour.

Once the grain is milled into flour, it’s passed into the hands of our bakers. Using tried and tested European recipes, these talented craftspeople create hundreds of loaves, pastries and cookies each day. To our bread we add no sugar, no preservatives, no flavours or colours, no dairy, no eggs and no shortening or other fats (except cold pressed olive oil in our Italian loaves – a must try). For our pastries, such as our flaky French Croissants or our signature Copenhagen with its vortex of hazelnuts, almonds and marzipan, we use only organic butter and organic cane sugar.

From the farmer, to the miller, to the baker, and now to you. But what to choose? If you’re a fan of slow-ferment, naturally leavened bread with a good crunchy crust, try an organic Red Fife Sourdough. Our stone hearth ovens help give an irresistible crust and taste experience to this three-ingredient loaf (Red Fife, water, touch of sea salt). Had a long day and want to pretend you’re in France? Pick up one of our authentic French Baguettes, made with just five ingredients and prepared as they are in the old country. Want something hearty and super healthy? We have a selection of whole grain loaves full of both flavour and fibre, which will leave you feeling full while giving your body a good dose of micronutrients and plant protein.

And if you’re in need of a little indulgence, we invite you to take a seat in the bakery, let us make you a locally roasted coffee and serve you something truly delicious. Perhaps a Pain au Chocolat with rich, dark Callebaut chocolate, or a robust Carrot Pumpkin Seed Cookie made with Emmer flour to help you power through the day.

At True Grain, we’re passionate about helping people to reconnect with their food, while supporting a BC-based network of organic farmers and growers who are dedicated to earth-friendly, sustainable practices. We invite you to stop in and let your taste buds guide you.

Awards & Accolades

Top 20 bakeries in Canada – Huffington Post

“I’ve never had bread so good in all my life. The sourdough is amazing, foccacia is life-changing… so tasty and doesn’t leave you feeling heavy like store-bought bread.” – Marcus Rideout, Facebook review

“This bakery is a life saver for me. I thought I was facing a lifetime without wheat bread due to an intolerance but the wonderful staff at True Grain walked me through a step by step process of introduction and I am able to tolerate these wonderful ancient grains! Now rather than feeling cursed, I am blessed with the most delicious and healthful breads.” – Sheila S, Trip Advisor

“Knowledgeable staff, high quality local ingredients. The place to get flour if you want to know where it comes from.” – Brock Knudsen, Google review

“Artisan Baking at its Finest. This place knows its craft” – Shawn Gervais, Google review