Therapy Health Studio



Neighbourhood: Main Street
201-175 E Broadway | 604-719-3327 | WEBSITE


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Carrie Brouwer – Studio Owner & RMT
Rayna Milne & Teresa Joe – RMT’s
Tracy Dixon – Rolf Method of Structural Integration
Renee Warner – Maya Abdominal Therapy I Holistic Women’s Health


A hidden gem tucked inside Mount Pleasant’s historic Lee Building, Therapy Health Studio is a contemporary natural health clinic adored by the neighbourhood’s makers, creators, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Led by local RMT and owner Carrie Brouwer, the studio’s therapists offer Registered Massage Therapy, Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Women’s Health treatments. Each practitioner offers an individual treatment style, blending professional medical expertise with personable warmth.

The studio’s cozy and eclectic vibe attracts those who hold an appreciation for therapists that live and breathe their craft, a perfectly curated playlist, and on point décor.

Whether tending to an injury or savouring an essential dose of self-care, Therapy Health Studio is the refuge where overworked muscles and tight knots melt away.


A getaway to a cabin in the woods, in a world of Holiday Inns | This space is a truly relaxing treat. I go to Therapy Health Studio whenever I need to relieve tension and also to put my mind on vacation. The whole experience of the space is so cozy! Be prepared to enjoy the music, the decor, the scents, and seriously unwind. Everything in the space is very well thought out!  – Priscilla Yu

I feel wonderful | Carrie is a warm kind lady and provides an excellent service. I left with my issue relived, knowledge to help strengthen and stretch and a calm relaxed feeling. Highly recommend her.  – Lisa Wadsworth

Great Start | I came to Rayna with an injury and she was very focused on helping me understand the potential cause and exact location. During the treatment she carefully focused on the areas we had discussed and brought me some significant relief. I am very happy that I was recommended to her, and will be following up as my healing continues.  – Michael Sullivan

Fantastic! | I had an amazing first Rolfing session and I look forward to many more. My shoulders feel like they are no longer hunched forward and up to my ears and my low back (which is always in pain) feels great! Tracy is amazing and I couldn’t be happier!  – Prema M

Perfect! | I absolutely look forward to going to see Renee each and every time. She has made this pregnancy a lot easier and more comfortable for myself. I have recommended her to many woman so far and won’t stop recommending her.  – Amy Henwood