The Union



Monday to Thursday: 5pm-12am
Friday: 5pm-1am | Saturday: 10am-1am | Sunday: 10am-12am
Weekend Brunch: 10am-3pm


  • 14 - UNION
  • 2 - UNION
  • 7 - UNION
  • 10 - UNION
  • 3 - UNION
  • 9 - UNION
  • 1 - UNION
  • 13 - UNION
  • 5 - UNION
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  • 11 - UNION
  • 12 - UNION

The People

Morgan Burt – General Manager
Lisa Henderson – Chef
Rob Hoover – Bar Manager

Ownership – Cascade Restaurant Group
Nick Devine
Wendy Nicolay
Nigel Pike
Robert Edmonds
David Nicolay

About The Union

Located in Chinatown, The Union has showcased the firecracker flavours of Southeast Asia since 2012. Our creative kitchen team, led by Chef Lisa Henderson, serves up bold dishes meant for sharing with friends including noodle bowls, curries, and bánh mì; along with a unique weekend brunch menu.

Having Chinatown in our backyard, our kitchen and bar teams frequent many local grocers to source ingredients that allow them to play with the flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Bar manager, Rob Hoover uses exotic ingredients and fresh juices to infuse his inventive cocktails.

Photos of historic Chinatown line the back bar, while lyrics to Jimi Hendrix “Crosstown Traffic” adorn the walls surrounding the open kitchen, giving a nod to historic Hogan’s Alley. Communal tables encourage a relaxed, yet lively dining atmosphere that makes it easy to strike up conversation with your neighbour.