Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 5pm (closed Monday)


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The People

Tracy Steele, Founder, Co-Owner and Baker
Matt Steele, Co-Owner

About The Bench Bakehouse

The talented husband-and-wife team of Matt and Tracy Steele modelled their shop after neighbourhood bakeries that charmed them in France. Each of them studied at famed culinary schools: Tracy at École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris and Matt at the San Francisco Baking Institute. Together, Matt and Tracy produce exceptional naturally leavened bread, impressive French-style pastries, and tasty bakery classics in their open kitchen for all to admire. Conveniently situated on Commercial Drive in Il Mercato, The Bench Bakehouse has quickly become a cherished regular stop for locals.

Favourable Reviews

“The Bench Bakehouse has rosemary shortbread cookies that are buttery, crumbly, and just the right amount of sweet-meets-savoury.” – Basenotes, Winter 2020.

“…we highly recommend a bag of their Black Forest Granola…” – SCOUT, December 2020.

“…Kouign Amann Crunch that are beyond addictive; it’s crispy bits of Kouign Amann, a pastry made of layered dough packed with butter and sugar. I’m loving it with some coffee at my desk..” – Vancouver is Awesome, December 2019.

“When visiting for the first time, consider the Pesto Scroll. Made with croissant dough, house-made pesto using fresh herbs, and asiago cheese, it’s an easy savoury snack to pair with a cup of coffee or even a glass of wine. And if a sweet tooth needs satisfying, there’s the Passion Fruit Lime Cake. A generous slice of alternating pineapple custard between layers of lime cake, the dessert also boasts a coconut-flaked icing side, which makes for a complex but balanced taste overall. Besides the French staples of double-baked pain au chocolat and croissant aux amandes with marzipan, North American favourites can be spotted in the mix—from brownies and peanut-butter-cookie sandwiches, to house-special morning buns (a cinnamon roll made with croissant dough). And for back home, be sure to choose some bread. Perfect with avocado or as a grilled cheese sandwich, the sesame loaf is unexpectedly fresh and chewy, without the typical sourdough taste.” – MONTECRISTO, February 2019.

“Hidden in the back of an otherwise humdrum mini-mall, this delicious bakery cafe takes a butter-forward French approach, which means perfect croissants plus excellent baguettes and rustic sourdough loaves. But it’s the mouthwatering treats that will have you lingering over coffee here, especially if you sample their Morning Bun, a glorious honey-sweet fusion of cinnamon bun softness and croissant-crisp exterior.” – Lonely Planet.

“The Bench Bakehouse’s artisan bakers take pride in making everything from scratch. Beautiful naturally leavened sourdough breads and baguettes baked fresh throughout the day.” – The Vancouver Sun.