Seven Stones Winery

Seven Stones Winery
Seven Stones Winery | S James 


Region: The Okanagan
1143 Hwy 3, Cawston | 250-499-2144 | WEBSITE


Tasting Room open 10am-6pm daily May 1st to October 31st


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  • Cave entrance -paint
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  • Long Table(4)
  • Peek a Boo Benny
  • Cave with wine barrels (3)
  • Seven Stones Flowers
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  • Chocolate Torte


Seven Stones Winery
Seven Stones Winery | Photo credit: S James

George Hanson (owner/winemaker)


Seven Stones Winery
Seven Stones Winery | Photo credit S James 

Seven Stones Winery is an estate boutique winery located in the pristine Similkameen Valley. Owner/winemaker George Hanson makes wines in a French style that are very elegant and show the best of grape variety. The winery produces about 4200 cases from grapes that are grown on site. The wines are barrel aged in underground caves to ensure that they receive consistent atmospheric conditions. The caves also are available to rent for special events like weddings, retreats or winemakers dinners. There are two tour packages available to the public. One is a basic cave tour that takes 15 minutes and the other is the Seven Stones Experience that takes about 40 minutes. Come to enjoy great wines and a world class cellar!

Seven Stones Flowers


Read Wine Critic John Schreiner’s review of the wines of Seven Stones here.

“My wife Sherryl and I have been members of the inner circle for a little over a year now. We have not been let down, George and his team are excellent. His wine is Superb the blended Legend is a must have, excellent Chardonnay, as well the many other bottled treats he offers at his winery are equally superb. The cave tour put it on your list. Also we wish to thank George for his hospitality last night at the annual gala event in the Caves. Seven Stone winery, stop in you won’t be disappointed.” –  Todd Farina