Hastings Mill Brewing Company (Formerly Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse)



Sunday – Thursday: 11am – Midnight
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 1am


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  • Pat's Pub | House brewed lager and beef dip sandwiches | 403 East Hastings St. | DTES
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Daryl Nelsen – General Manager

About Us


Nestled on the edge of downtown Vancouver, Hastings Mill Brewing Company is located in the heart of the city’s oldest neighbourhood, Strathcona. Established in 1914 inside the Patricia Hotel and originally known as The Patricia Café, Hastings Mill Brewing Company is rich with history. Known in the early 20th century as one of the city’s music hotspots, The Patricia Café hosted many of the most influential entertainers of the time. Jazz greats like Ferdinand ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton, Aruthur Daniels, Oscar Holden, Ada ‘Bricktop’ Smith, Leo Bailey, Ralph Love, Billy Hoy, and Lillian Rose helped change the face of modern jazz right here on the corner of Hastings and Dunlevy. A watering hole like no other, The Patricia Café was a second home to the city’s working class and wealthy alike, where libations, camaraderie and lively conversation could be shared by all. Soldiering on through the Great Depression, two World Wars and the changing landscape of downtown Vancouver, Hastings Mill Brewing Company has been a local institution and welcome reprieve from the outside world for nearly a century.

Today Hastings Mill Brewing Company stays true to its roots as a lively community gathering place. Having become re-established as one of the city’s premiere music venues, Hastings Mill Brewing Company hosts free, live blues, jazz and piano throughout the week and various rock shows on most Friday and Saturday nights. With lovingly restored original hardwood floors, fir pillars and exposed brick, Hastings Mill Brewing Company offers a cozy, historic, lounge atmosphere with a wide selection of world-class, but locally-sourced microbrews, wine, cocktails and deliciously unpretentious fare.