Open Outcry



Monday – Friday, Noon – 12am
Saturday, 4pm – 12am | Sunday, Closed


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The People

Sean Heather – Owner
Jonny Latham – Bar manager
Colin Fleming – Executive Chef

About Open Outcry

Long before Open Outcry, this space was home to a vaudeville theatre, and then to the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

With branding by Glasfurd & Walker, design by Ste.Marie Art & Design and the rich, storied history of the Vancouver Stock Exchange as a canvas, this is our most interesting project to date.

Our beverage program salutes both of Open Outcry’s predecessors, and their colourful characters, through classic and modern cocktail culture. The curtain rises with premium classics, drinks that were popular back in the day.

The references in movies, novels, and plays are too many to mention. Our modern creations are the curtain call. Theatres and stock exchanges offer interactive experiences, packed with improv, intrigue, flare and drama. Actors and traders use their arms, legs, heads to signal a trade or convey an emotion. The Avant Garde so essential to the creative process.

Open Outcry has three cocktail carts, fashioned out of retired airline trolleys, that provide tableside service, with a one-on-one experience.