Old Bird



TBA – Opening Mid January (before Chinese New Year)


  • OB-BBQ squid
  • 49050920928_976e884068_k
  • OB-pork stew with sous vide egg
  • 49050921518_837400a620_5k
  • OB-three cups clams on black
  • 49051642817_ff3def08e0_k
  • OB-crispy stinky tofu
  • 49051643042_c705c1dd91_k
  • OB-bamboo shoots and others
  • 49051431031_8d209116ea_k
  • OB - three cups clams
  • 49051430736_b25591e44c_k
  • 49051642082_f9c16e6f64_5k
  • 49050921678_f0cdabb36e_5k
  • OB-taiwanese cabbage pickles
  • OB-BBQ pork
  • OB-pork stew with sous vide egg on white

The People

Owner: Sophia Lin
Restaurant Manager: Shawn Jones
Chef: Deseree Lo

About Old Bird

Inspired by the vibrant street food in Taiwan and the nostalgic taste of Grandma’s cooking, Old Bird Restaurant brings Chinese Food with Attitude. A place to experience authentic Chinese cuisine with a community everyone can feel at home in. It’s fun, it’s bold, it’s stuffed full of share plates, craft beer and contemporary cocktails.