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  • MOM -- Lori Freedman -- The Virtuosity of Excess-52
  • Gabriel Dharmoo -- Anthropologies Imaginaires -- Photograph by Jan Gates-37 yes
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  • Surface Image -- Vicky Chow-4


MOM -- Lori Freedman -- The Virtuosity of Excess-52

Artistic Director | David Pay
Artistic Planning & Operations Manager | Shayna Goldberg
Audience Services & Administration Manager | Jarin Schexnider
Marketing Manager | Lindey Sudo
Development Manager | Joseph Bardsley
Financial Manager | Carolyn Chan
Digital Content Strategist | Joanna Dundas
Production Manager | Nicholas Jacques
Event Photographer | Jan Gates
Volunteer Coordinator | Gloria Davies
Board of Directors


MOM -- Modulus -- Rothko Chapel-3 yes

Music that brings us together. “If there was any doubt that Vancouver is becoming a real nexus of musical creativity, its latest concert series should take care of that.”   (The Georgia Straight) That’s what the Georgia Straight wrote when Music on Main launched on October 3, 2006 with One Night Stand: Steve Reich, a one night festival of Reich’s music that was part of the international celebrations of the composer’s 70th birthday.  Artistic Director David Pay created the series with a promise of great music in casual but stimulating environments, with top-flight musicians, an ear for contemporary music, and refreshing concert formats. Since then, Music on Main has developed a growing local, national, and international reputation as storytellers for a post-classical age. At a Music on Main concert, there’s always great musicians and interesting, engaging music. And there’s always the chance to make new friends, meet the artists, and escape from your to-do list for an hour or two.

Music on Main has produced more than 350 events, featuring over 1,000 musicians with daring programming for the musically adventurous. Expanding out from our roots at the Heritage Hall on Vancouver’s Main Street, Music on Main has created a multitude of musical experiences at such venues as the Fox Cabaret, CBC’s Studio 700, and The Roundhouse. In addition, Music on Main was the presenting partner of ISCM World New Music Days 2017.

It’s an idea both simple and sophisticated: Why restrict quality music to the concert hall?” (The Vancouver Sun)

“Espouses the values of range, diversity, and excellence — words that should be a mantra for all arts producers in our post-millennial, multicultural society.” (Alex Varty, The Georgia Straight)

“Great show and programme…! I wish most classical concerts were as inclusive of the traditional and the sonically adventurous” (audience member)

“These concerts were the two best shows I have seen in a year – of ANY of the shows I have seen in that time. The city needs you & needs MoM. Thank you for a magical night!” (audience member)

“The highly popular series that’s as musically adventurous as it is socially gregarious” (The Georgia Straight)