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The People

Grace Kennedy – Founder + General Manager
Emily Anne Stewart – Marketing + Brand Coordinator

About Livlite

Livlite delivers zero waste groceries to households in Vancouver. Our mission is to help people start shopping zero waste. We do this by sourcing unique local products, working with suppliers to minimize packaging, and delivering products in glass jars and paper bags. We believe zero waste is a journey, taking steps to reduce our impact on the earth. It’s going to be a big journey, so let’s get moving!

Favourable Reviews

“Hoping to avoid in-person shopping during the pandemic all together? Livlite is a Vancouver-based zero-waste food delivery service that sources from local producers and brings them right to your door, anywhere in Vancouver. Order online through their site and get zero-waste items delivered throughout the week.” Samantha IP, Vancouver Sun, January 2021

“Check out these six Lower Mainland zero-waste businesses” — Vancouver Sun, January 2021

“I was so excited but the incredible selection of local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. I’ve tried a lot of CSAs and CSA type boxes in this city and this one was BY FAR the best! The eggs were such a nice surprise and fantastic.”
Margaret, Customer Review, January 2021

“This hummus is so good. Even my mother-in-law said it was delicious and she is particular!” — Justin H., Customer Review, November 2020