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Open Daily: 5pm – Close | Happy Hour 4pm – 5pm


  • Kuma Tofino
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  • Bar seats with a view of the open kitchen at Kuma Tofino
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  • Mits and Rob | Kuma Tofino
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  • Mits takes a bite of tuna at Kuma Tofino
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  • Retail detail | Kuma Tofino
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  • Tuna Tataki | Kuma Tofino
  • Shio pork belly ramen with kale at Kuma
  • Chef Simon Burch | Kuma Tofino
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  • Mits behind the bar | Kuma Tofino
  • Dining room | Kuma Tofino
  • Mitsumi Kawai on opening day | Kuma Tofino
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  • Open Kitchen | Kuma Tofino
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  • Dining room | Kuma Tofino
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Video by Adam Chilton

Key People

Owners – Mitsumi Kawai & Rob Leadley
Head Chef – Simon Burch

About Kuma

Kuma is a neighborhood eatery serving humble Japanese-inspired comfort food in the heart of Tofino. Our food is made to share with your favourite people, eaten with sake and great local craft beers. Many dishes are old family recipes from the Kawai family, who have been creating real food experiences for the last 30 years. Made expertly by head Chef Simon Burch, he has crafted his own unique dishes including a flavourful shio ramen and a spicy kimchi udon. Kuma is rooted in a love of the outdoors and good food made with the best ingredients available, always local when possible.

We keep all our tables open for walk-ins.

Crafted for locals, we hope you’ll feel at home with us.