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West Broadway
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The People

Paul Dincer – Founder, Owner

About Koko Monk Chocolates

Pastry chef and chocolate maker Paul Dincer is the founder and creative force behind Koko Monk Chocolates, which is listed by various media channels as among the top 10 and top 20 chocolate companies in the world for its unique hot chocolate designs. The company is also well known for its bean-to-bar chocolate creations.
Koko Monk Chocolates opened in Kitsilano in 2013. Paul creates one-of-a-kind, complex and sophisticated flavour fusions using raw chocolate (unadulterated, unprocessed cacao beans).
When crafting each flavour, Paul draws inspiration from his comprehensive background and education in fine art, literature and philosophy. When starting out on this new path, Paul instinctively discovered an interesting analogy between words and flavours which eventually lead him to create an unexpected and very original approach to chocolate-making through literary, philosophical and avant-garde art theories.
Paul considers his approach theoretically parallel with postmodern theories which allow him to elevate food from the realm of a consumable, one-dimensional product to an intellectual and artistic endeavour such as a cubist poem, an elegant Haiku, or an abstract expressionist painting.
Some of Koko Monk’s unique creations include: Blue Moon (blue cheese chocolate with local BC pears); Brunette Bangle (curry chocolate with coconut); LA Mer (fresh watermelon chocolate with Himalayan sea salt) and Jade Box (Japanese matcha tea chocolate with miso and sake), in addition
to many more unusual and delicious combinations.
Some of Koko Monk’s unique creations include: Blue Moon (blue cheese), Brunette Bangle (curry and coconut), LA Mer (watermelon sea salt dark chocolate) and Jade Box (Japanese matcha tea), in addition to many more unusual and delicious combinations.
Koko Monk also crafts chocolate bars (including vegan bars), made from raw origin beans, with no additives other than natural sweeteners such as monk fruit, dates, coconut sugar and maple sugar. The company’s name ‘Koko Monk’, highlights a philosophy of living and working with one’s environment and employing natural ingredients, rather than forcing synthesized solutions that go against their natural functions.
Another crowd favourite is Koko Monk’s decadent hot chocolates (cacao brews), which are also available in a surprising range of flavours. Koko Monk currently serves 14 cacao brews including: A Non-Conformist’s Plea For An Imaginary Summer – tomato hot chocolate with rose and raspberry; Strange Gravity – oregano hot chocolate with melon and touch of anise; Brunette Bangle – curry hot chocolate with coconut liquor.
Koko Monk Chocolates is currently working on a long-awaited, second location, slated to open in fall 2018. The new, larger space, located at 2883 West Broadway (West Broadway and Macdonald-area), will feature a dedicated hot chocolate café.
Koko Monk Chocolates is currently working on a long-awaited, second location, slated to open in fall 2018. The new, larger space, located on West Broadway, will feature a dedicated hot chocolate café.
Chocolate aficionados are invited to visit Koko Monk to learn more about what makes this Vancouver-based company so special. Paul looks forward to welcoming visitors and sharing his insight into the art of chocolate-making.


“Sourcing its cocoa beans from Central and South America, Koko Monk works exclusively with raw, single-origin heirloom cacao, processed as little as possible. “We don’t roast, we don’t Dutch process, and we don’t even use white sugar in our chocolate bars,” says Dincer. “The result of this preservation on the palate is unbeatable, and nothing comes close to describing it.”
Tasting a Koko Monk bonbon means dispensing with any preconceived notion of what to expect from a chocolate. “We make post-modern style couture chocolate, meaning you trespass the borders of sweet and savoury, of intellect and taste buds,” says Dincer. Wood smoke, miso, parsnip, and taro root are just a few of the unlikely ingredients to find their way into his creations. Two personal favourites are a dark, smoky apple wood chocolate made with 12-year-old single malt scotch; and the Blue Moon, infused with blue cheese and pear.” – “Food of Gods“, Taste of Life Magazine