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Adam McDonnell | General Manager



Goodridge & Williams Distilling has been in operation since 2013, however our company’s story really began over a quarter-century ago when our Founder, Stephen Goodridge, began his career in the distilling and brewing business. In the time since then, he has worked at passionately perfecting his craft while working for many well known Vancouver-based and international microbreweries and distilleries.

Our artisanal, small batch process starts with grain from the BC Peace River Valley and is mashed and fermented on-site at the distillery in Delta. We are proud that our self-crafted spirits are distilled in traditional copper pot stills through our signature 36-plate distillation process, which we believe imparts a technical purity to our spirits vs. others.

Less than a year later after creating our first batch of SilverDawn Vodka, it won Silver for its taste at the 2014 International Wine & Spirits Competition Awards in the UK, a competition regarded by industry experts as setting the international benchmark for quality.

Goodrigde & Williams is proud to be the most exciting and fastest-growing craft distillery in BC. With full distribution across the network of BC Liquor Stores for both Sid’s Handcrafted Vodka and Tempo Renovo Gin, and distribution through the LCBO in Ontario and outlets in Alberta and Quebec coming in early 2017, we continue to move closer to our goal of being Canada’s National Craft Distiller

The Goodridge & Williams collection has grown to include Sid’s Handcrafted, Nütrl, SilverDawn vodkas, Tempo Renovo Gin, Mapleshape Reposé barrel-reseted spirit and the Bitterhouse Aperitifs collection. The operating philosophy remains simple, though: use BC ingredients to make the most passionate artisanal spirit possible while preserving our true craft grain-to-glass heritage.



SilverDawn Vodka | Silver Medal at the 2014 International Wine & Spirits Competition Awards