Edible Canada



Bistro: 11am-8:30pm Mon-Fr | 9am-8:30pm Sat&Sun
Retail: 10am-5pm Mon-Fr | 10am-5pm Sat&Sun


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The People

Eric Pateman – President and Founder
Francesco Carnali – General Manager
Trish Price – Assistant Restaurant Manager
Julius Jaro – Chef de Cuisine
Tamara Younie – Event Manager
Levon Culbertson-Bottomley – Bar Manager
Melisa Woo – Retail Manager
Thiago Kubota – Marketing Manager

About Edible Canada

Edible Canada (formerly Edible British Columbia) is headquartered on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia. Edible Canada’s President and Founder, Eric Pateman, has grown his company from a tiny one man culinary concierge service into one of the leading ambassadors of Canadian cuisine.

Today, Edible Canada’s services include a vibrant bistro, retail & online artisan food store, demonstration kitchen, culinary tours, events, and other adventures.

Edible Canada has been driven by the question – what is Canadian Cuisine? And we have since come to define it as ‘local, sustainable & seasonal ingredients in the hands of many cultures’. Edible Canada’s vision is to make a national food community which helps celebrate Canadian cuisine and generates a strong sense of food culture. Through learning, collaboration, celebration, storytelling and food experiences, Edible Canada’s mission is to support the growth of Canada’s culinary collective, creating more opportunity for all those who help shape the face of Canadian food.

Customer Feedback

“The tour and lunch were hugely successful. Feedback from the group – some of whom have been attending this conference for over 10 years – was that it was one of the best events ever. Thank you very much for your assistance in making the Saturday morning activity such a hit. I would not hesitate to recommend these tours and in fact will soon organize one with local friends – we also should be able to enjoy these special parts of Vancouver. Thanks again for your attention to detail.”
Private Granville Island Market Tour

“We were fortunate to have Edible British Columbia plan our honeymoon. Our 8-day trip was the best vacation of our lives. Eric worked with us to customize a honeymoon that offered relaxation, luxury, and culinary greatness. Every last detail was taken care of — hotel, car and ferry reservations (including the honeymoon suite at a Sooke B&B and a beautiful room at the Pan Pacific), dinner reservations at prime times and prime tables, picnics and hiking suggestions, and guided tours. Highlights included an extraordinary meal at West’s chef’s table, a romantic meal at sunset at the Pointe, and a dim sum tour of Richmond with Stephanie Yuen. It was terrific to have someone take such careful note of our desires and dislikes (our menus regularly featured favourite foods such as oysters and crab, and addressed food allergies), stay within our budget, and yet balance that with freedom and down time. Most importantly, after planning our entire wedding, we were able to sit back, eat, drink and most of all ENJOY, the beauty and of British Columbia. We’d return tomorrow if we could!”
Culinary Tourist

“The meal at West was awesome, the scallops and steak were just perfect and the wine was nice paired with each course. My wife was impressed that I had a consultant help with the planning of our anniversary meal.”
Culinary Tourist

“My wife and I are life-long products of the Eat Van melting pot, so we are no strangers to Asian food, but Tony succeeded in broadening our culinary horizons. Had we waded into the market’s food stalls without him, we would have stuck to the safe choices and not had the fun learning experience we had.”
Market Tour

“The event overall was an absolutely fantastic experience! Chef’s willingness to share knowledge and enthusiasm for food makes this event. To be totally honest, I would be willing to pay more for this experience – I think it is worth at least double when you consider the price of other cooking classes or comparable experiences. Best of luck to you all and I will definitely be in touch for future events!”
Behind the Scenes – Private Cooking Class

“Chef was amazing, personable, laid-back and knowledgeable! We had a fantastic time, great food and wine, wonderful people. We will definitely recommend this to our friends and family. Thank you, Vancouver needs more culinary experiences like this!!”
Behind the Scenes – Private Cooking Class

“An excellent evening with every single thing meeting or exceeding expectations.”
Private Market Dinner

“What a superb evening — I only wish I lived closer as I would attend several each year. Thanks to Eric and his fantastic and entertaining staff – it was a very enjoyable evening!”
BC’s Best Market Dinner

“The guides performed magic with the preparation and presentation of each meal. If I were not there watching that they were actually preparing and cooking the food from scratch on the “Coleman stove”, I would have thought that they had used packed prepared food. The quality of the food and it marvelous taste had all of us longing for more… yummers. Both guides were very approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and very professional – they made the trip very, very enjoyable… an awesome experience indeed.”
Gourmet Kayaking Weekend

“I loved this tour! The stops we made at the different venues were informative and very yummy. I only wished I could bring the whole market home with me. After the tour my daughter and I went back to places we had stopped at, picked up items for our lunch which we ate out on the deck. Then I bought what I could bring back with me on an airplane. I would even take this tour again! I would hope that every visitor and person living in the area would take this tour! Thanks!”
Granville Island Market Tour