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Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 5:00 – 10:00pm


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The People Who Make It Happen

Lucais Syme, Chef & Co-owner
Gillian Book, Chef & Co-owner

About Cinara

Chef Lucais Syme and our team specialize in Italian-inspired cuisine at Cinara. We believe in upholding traditional cooking techniques, using the finest and freshest ingredients, and doing as much of it in-house as possible.
Our service is warm, the dining room feels like a dinner party, and the 12-seat bar is where many of Vancouver tops chefs and restauranteurs choose to eat and drink on their days off.

Over the past few years Cinara has received multiple accolades from Scout Magazine (Vancouver’s Top 25), Vancouver Magazine (Best Downtown) and Canada’s Top 100 (69th) that we are very proud of.