Coho Collective & Coho Coffee

Coho Collective is Vancouver's newest and fastest growing shared commercial kitchen space, with three locations in Metro Vancouver.


Coho Commissary (Powell)
1507 Powell St.
Coho Commissary (Creekside, North Van)
375 Lynn Ave.


Commissary Space: 24/7/365
Café Space: Monday – Saturday | 7:30am – 3:30pm


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The People

Andrew Barnes, Owner & CEO
Amrit Maharaj, Owner & COO
Jennifer Chan, Head of Marketing & Retail
Michelle Kelly, General Manager
Harley Darnel, Culinary Director

About Coho Commissary

The Future of Food Starts Here.

Coho Collective is Vancouver’s newest and fastest growing shared commercial kitchen space, with three locations in Metro Vancouver. Founded by long-time friends Andrew Barnes and Amrit Maharaj, Coho’s mission is to drive community development and social change by supporting entrepreneurship, creating new jobs, and innovating in the F&B space.

“We exist to help food entrepreneurs and businesses to start up quickly, test the market and grow their operations through access to facilities, equipment, sales & marketing channels and business services,” says Andrew.

In addition to the commissary kitchens, Coho’s third flagship space located in Strathcona, features a café which offers Coho members and partners a space to engage with the community, sample and sell their products, and organize pop-ups and events. The goal of the café space is to facilitate connections, showcase the beautiful food and beverages made hyper-locally by their members, and to share their stories. “Behind every one of our members is an inspirational story. None of us are compelled to work in this business because we are passionate about money,” says Jennifer Chan, Coho’s Head of Marketing and Retail. “We all love what we do and put a lot of love and care into the products we serve to our customers.”


“Coho is an amazing commissary for anyone. Everyone in the kitchen and the staff support you in every way possible. Their sole purpose is for you to be successful, to be happy and grow with them. They actually listen to you and solve the issues if you ever have any and proactively upgrade the system for members’ convenience.” — Kailyn Chun, Salty Cabbage Kimchi (Member)

“My company has been a part of Coho Commissary kitchen for a few months now, and I have had the best experience as a tenant. The kitchen is extremely clean and very well maintained, the equipment is all new and high quality, the owners have created a welcoming atmosphere, and they host helpful workshops to help small companies grow. The other vendors at the facility are all so helpful and get along great.” — Behnaz Shafiee, Joconde Patisserie (Member)

“I’ve been with Coho Commissary since day 1, and it has been very good. I am so glad I chose Coho to start my business journey. The service and facility are great! I met so many friendly people here and it’s a good supportive community.” — Henry Tchy, Henry’s Hip Eats Vietnamese Fusion Food (Member)