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Tours and Tastings by appointment.


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  • Picnic Area 2 and 3
  • Rainbow at BC Wine Studio
  • Sirens Call at Farmers Market
  • Sirens Call Bottle in the Vineyard
  • Sirens Call family tasting


BC Wine Studio Founder – Mark Simpson


When winemaker Mark Simpson founded BC Wine Studio, his defining vision was to create a special place for sharing best wine practices, encouraging creativity and producing high quality, distinctive, hand-crafted wines. Over the past 5 years, BC Wine Studio has become an incubator for many interesting, innovative new wine brands and a destination for creative wine collaborations.

Working with fellow winemakers and a range of passionate clients, BC Wine Studio has become a centre of excellence and innovation in Okanagan winemaking. With Simpson’s extensive contacts and experience, BC Wine Studio offers clients the latest in winemaking techniques, access to a wide network of growers and suppliers, and brand development expertise.

Simpson’s flagship Siren’s Call wine brand has become a “business card in a bottle” for the capabilities of the wine studio to develop compelling, premium brands and make exceptional wine. A 2015 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in BC Wines is testament to the quality of the work.

Simpson’s vast experience as both an innovative, award-winning Brewmaster and Winemaker has given him a unique set of skills for making great products and creating great brands. BC Wine Studio is a one-stop shop for wine lovers interested in creating their own bespoke wines and compelling brands. A list of successful projects and content collaborators speaks to the excellence being delivered in every bottle. A key element of BC Wine Studio’s corporate responsibility ethos is to partner with neighbourhood community organizations to create cause wines to support great causes like nutrition coupons for the needy and building playgrounds for local kids.

In the end, what matters most is what’s in the glass, and the delicious wines made at BC Wine Studio, using grapes from select vineyards in the South Okanagan, can be spotted and enjoyed at fine restaurants, specialty retail stores, and farmers markets throughout British Columbia.

Visit www.bcwinestudio.ca for more information about the studio, wines, and capabilities.