10 Acres Commons

The Commons is bustling, full of culture, people, drinks, music & good times. Open late every night, it is the perfect spot for an energetic evening out.

10 Acres Commons


10 Acres Bistro
611 Courtney St.
10 Acres Kitchen
614 Humboldt St.


Mon to Sat 11:30am – 1am | Sun 12pm – 12am
Mon to Fri 11am to 11pm | Sat & Sun 10am to 11pm
Open every day from 5pm to 11pm


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The People

Mike Murphy – Proprietor of 10 Acres Restaurant Group
Marcello Najarro – Executive Chef of 10 Acres Restaurant Group
Simon Gillett – General Manager of 10 Acres Restaurant Group

About 10 Acres

A Sustainable Farm-to-Plate Approach to Omnivore Eating.

Sustainability is at the core of our values at 10 Acres Kitchen/Commons/Bistro & Farm. Sustainability means being a positive force in our local food economy, by organically growing and ethically raising our produce and pastured animals and by choosing locally grown, sustainable ingredients sourced from like-minded farmers, food purveyors, and fishermen.

Sustainability also means making responsible choices about what products we use and how we deal with waste. Food waste recycling into compost is at the heart of our farm-to-plate story.

10 Acres Farm
Located in North Saanich our 10 Acres Farm is 25 kilometres from our downtown restaurants. The food waste from the three restaurants is brought to the farm, mixed with compostable paper from the restaurants and arranged in long narrow piles called windrows. The piles are turned three times in a year and reach an internal temperature of 140 Fahrenheit. A pile is ready for the field after one year. Last year we created 60 tonnes of compost! Our farmers + chefs are in constant contact about weekly deliveries. Whether it’s fresh organic harvest, root cellar veggies, honey from our bees or free range animal products, you’ll see innovative uses of our local products on each restaurant menu.

The Bistro, The Commons and The Kitchen are three distinct dining establishments with the same passion to provide Victoria’s finest dining experience while promoting organic produce from our 10 Acres Farm. With market offerings and a close connection to the farm, you will even see our Farmers delivering fresh products twice weekly at the side door which connects the three restaurants.

The Bistro
Guests can relate to The Bistro as a comfortable, casual, downtown gathering place for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The Bistro is our original farm-to-plate restaurant where we pledge to serve the best of the island. Our locally driven menu challenges our chefs to create delicious seasonally appropriate meals from food available from our farm and island. Guests might find our farm roasted beets with feta and spiced candied walnuts, or Squash Fritters with jam peperonata and our farm jalapeno cream sauce, or Ocean wise Pacific Grilled octopus with our farm salsa, tomato puree and zucchini with ethically raised Berryman Farm bacon. Our menus evolve with the seasons.

The Commons
An uncommon place for food, drinks, fun + you. It is our Gastropub, with two daily happy hours, live music, late-night DJ’s, daily buck-a- shuck & specials. The Commons is bustling, full of culture, people, drinks, music & good times. Open late every night, it is the perfect spot for an energetic evening out.

The Kitchen
Land + Sea inspires the offerings at The Kitchen. An elegant, gourmet, modern and fresh dining experience; with a focus on food, service, location and living up to a long-standing reputation. Staying true to our farm-to-plate principles, our farm provides the Kitchen with ethically raised livestock and organically grown produce. Meals paired with the finest wines are meant to be savoured at the Kitchen. Settle into our comfortable space to enjoy favourites such as Chinook Salmon with smoked tuna rice, our farm turnips, pickled shiitake, carrots and tempura summer squash and dashi; house made gnocchi featuring our 10 Acres Farm Ossabaw chorizo, creamy farm grown mushrooms and squash. Whatever the weather, our farmers are growing the most nutritious and delicious foods to inspire your meal.

From the Sea
Although the farm is closely tied to our identity, our local and sustainable focus extends to the surroundings waters with all of our seafood being ethically harvested. We are a partner with The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program who works directly with restaurants and suppliers. Their efforts ensure we have the most current scientific information regarding sustainable seafood that help us make ocean-friendly buying decisions.