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New Aburi Concept, WA! CURRY, Opening Soon in Downtown Vancouver

If all goes well, the new counter service style Japanese restaurant will be warming up bellies with wagyu beef and plant-based curries and stews, before Spring officially hits...

Tripping Further Afield in Tofino with Madi and Kei, of Toki Doki

We were stoked to hit up the co-owners of the quirky little Japanese food stand, to get their take on the town during the summertime.

The Tip Out, Vol. 12

Scout's bulleted, easy-to-consume compendium of member news and fresh headlines from the local food and drink scene.

TAKE THIS OUT // What to Order from Memphis Blues, Chez Christophe, Miku, Minami and Gyoza Bar

In the stressed out space between today's bubbles and tomorrow's vaccines, good take-out is increasingly easy to find.

COMFORT FOOD GUIDE // Perfectly Pinched and Fried Pork Gyozas (With Cold Beer)

It's a tricky thing to muster the willpower to walk past Pender St.'s Gyoza Bar without slipping in and crushing several of these...

Yaletown Scores Japanese Grocery ‘Aburi To-Go’

Previously Minami restaurant's private dining room, the corner store-sized space has been transformed into a welcoming grocery.

Six Years Ago Today, Inside the Delicious Night Before Gyoza Bar’s Opening

There's typically only ever one day like this in the lifespan of a restaurant. I was glad to catch this one and even sneak a few bites...

Five Years Ago This Week, When Vancouverites Crushed Thousands of Dumplings Outside

For this edition of Throwback Thursday we return to the south shore of False Creek in search of the Golden Dumpling...

The Commercial Drive Restaurateur Who Once Kept a Bottle of Wine as a Pet

Van Doren Chan is a veteran of Vancouver's hospitality scene and the FOH force behind the critically acclaimed Ugly Dumpling restaurant.

The Comfort Food Guide to Vancouver

This ever-evolving list is the anchor of a series that seeks to map out Vancouver's best and most legendary comfort foods.

The Scout List, Vol. 518

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from April 10 to April 16, 2019.

Vancouver’s Best Ramen, Ranked and Mapped

Ramen is something we do better than any city on this side of the Pacific. Use this map/guide to seek out the best of it.

Six Years Ago Today, When Minami Was Getting Its Masterful Hideki Kimura Paintjob

There were several walls being painted simultaneously. The exacting task was monumental, and it was a cool thing to witness.

Seven Years Ago This Week, ‘The Electric Owl’ Opened on Main Street

Right before the last Canucks riot, a huge new bar would arrive on Main Street. Though it didn't last, these photos did. #TBT

Rain-Craving Noodles? Scout Readers Rank The 11 Best Ramen Houses In Vancouver

Sea Monkey Shopping With Chef Tret Jordan Of Tableau & Homer St. Cafe

“Gyoza Bar” On West Pender St. Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

Gyoza Bar

Local Sake Expert Miki Ellis Eats & Drinks 10 Great Things In Japan

Vancouver’s Miku Restaurant To Open Location In Toronto’s Financial District

New Red Truck Brewery To Host Golden Dumpling Cook-Off & Derby, Aug. 9th

Cramming Our Faces Full Of Deliciousness At Dumpling Fest

Japanese Pork Ribs That Bring Balance To The Universe

The Part Of The West End That's Home To 10+ Japanese Eateries

"Let's head over to Ramenland and dig into some gyoza, ramen, and karaage."

Highly Anticipated “Torafuku” Eatery Opens On Main St. With Bold Izakaya Flavours

Music Direction’s Opening Playlist For The New Gyoza Bar On West Pender St.

Staff Tasting At Highly Anticipated (Imminent) Gyoza Bar

Expect Highly Anticipated “Gyoza Bar” To Also Up Vancouver’s Ramen Game

Seigo Nakamura (Miku, Minami) To Open Downtown “Gyoza Bar” This Summer

The Manner & Measure Of The Many Things We Instagrammed Last Month

10 Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now & Next Week

Inside “Shirakawa”, The High End Teppanyaki Joint Opening Soon In Gastown

DINER: Ben de Champlain of Boneta Takes Home Scout’s “Bartender Of The Year” Title

DINER: Durbach & Stewart To Open Spanish Tapas Bar “The Sardine Can” In Gastown

Bartenders Opening “The Diamond” In Gastown

Anticipation Poll: The Diamond, Corner Suite Or The Pourhouse

Q&A With Sebastien Le Goff Of Cibo and Uva

Rejoice! The Diamond Officially Open In Gassy Jack Square…

Food Media Omnibus: DB & Lumiere Love Fest

Meet Chef David Hawksworth