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You Should Know About Sarah Cassell and ‘Sarah’s Café’

Like any good research rabbit hole, it all started with a single photograph depicting the window sign for Sarah’s Cafe. Local history buff, Christine Hagemoen, set out to learn more. Here is what she found.

Groundbreaking Eleanor Collins, The City’s ‘First Lady Of Jazz’

Eleanor Collins, celebrated as "Vancouver's first lady of jazz" and recipient of the Order of Canada, passed away on March 3, 2024, at the age of 104. In tribute to her legacy and to extend our condolences to her family, we are republishing Christine Hagemoen's 2017 article that explores Collins' profound impact on Vancouver's music scene.

You Should Know About Vancouver’s History of Independent Grocery Stores Vol. 1

Whatever you call them — corner stores, mom-and-pop shops, confectionaries, grocery stores, or simply “the store” — these places served as local gathering spaces and encouraged a sense of community. That makes them worth celebrating. Let’s get started…

You Should Know About the Harlem Nocturnes Basketball Team

Sixty years ago this month, one of the region’s most exciting teams was well on their way to overall league victory, and you’ve probably never heard of them.

Two Fun and Informative MOV Workshops to Put on Your Calendar This Month

From a unique opportunity to commune with nature, to tuning into your self and getting crafty, Museum of Vancouver's August programming is front-loaded with rad workshops we think you should know about.

You Should Know About Vancouver’s Sketchy Past with Poor Quality Beer

Christine Hagemoen tries to get to the bottom of a questionable practice popular in local beer parlours for the majority of the 20th century.

You Should Know About Mount Pleasant / Fairview’s Japanese Canadian Community

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Japanese Canadian internment — one of the darkest chapters in Canadian and BC history. To commemorate the occasion, Christine Hagemoen shares some local Japanese Canadian stories and historic community landmarks...

You Should Know About the History of Vancouver’s Once Thriving Comic Book Industry

Local historian, Christine Hagemoen, discovers that Vancouver was once an integral part of the Golden Age of Canadian comics.

You Should Know About Vancouver’s Long, Explosive Relationship With Halloween

Christine Hagemoen dials back the local clock to understand how and why our city associates Halloween with fireworks.

You Should Know About the Upcoming Mount Pleasant Heritage Walking Tour

History enthusiasts should take note that on Sunday, August 18th, the Heritage Vancouver Society will put on some walking shoes...

You Should Know That Gastown Was Home to Canada’s First Movie Theatre

In this edition of 'You Should Know', we remember the groundbreaking Edison Electric Theatre on W. Cordova Street.

You Should Know About Pigeon Park

How commercial interests, social engineering politicians, pigeons and people shaped the Downtown Eastside's "living room".

You Should Know About ‘Newsie Jack’

At just 5'1", newspaper seller Jack Kanchikoff may have been small in stature, but he left a big impression on Vancouver.

How Bikes Liberated Vancouver

In her latest "You Should Know" story, Christine Hagemoen reminds us of how the bicycle first took our city by storm.

Vancouver Once Had a City Architect, and He Was As Prolific As He Was Controversial

The 'You Should Know' series continues with a look at A.J. Bird, the architect behind some of Vancouver's most iconic buildings.

You Should Know the Story of the Building at the Heart of Mount Pleasant

The 1947 scalene icon sits like a sphinx at the intersection of Main and Kingsway, hiding a sexy secret beneath its rough stucco.

You Should Know Vancouver Was the Last City on the Continent to Drive on the Left

The people of Vancouver woke up on New Year's Day in 1922 to a streetscape that was the same but forever changed.

Once a Local Prison, Now a Preschool and Pub

The remnants of the old BC Pen in New Westminster have come a long way in their storied history and you should know about it.

How 1,000 Vancouver Women Fought World War II from the North Shore

Our 'You Should Know' series continues with a look at the historical importance of a swathe of North Van waterfront.

How to Find the Old Streetcar Scars of East Van

In this You Should Know photo essay, Christine Hagemoen traces evidence of the route of the old Georgia East streetcar line.

You Should Know About The First Time Vancouver’s Electric Lights Came On

A year after the Great Fire destroyed much of Vancouver in 1886, its recovering streets were lit with the newness of electricity.

You Should Know More About the Fascinating History of Lower Mount Pleasant

Lower Mount Pleasant was one of the first areas outside of Vancouver's downtown to be developed for residential use. First came houses, then came war. See what remains to this day...

‘Squamish Days’ – A Loggers Sports Festival, 60 Years Running

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Groundbreaking Eleanor Collins, The City’s ‘First Lady Of Jazz’

The ‘Bottle Dash’ Houses That Still Glitter In The Vancouver Sun

Our City Streets Were Once Paved With These Little Wooden Blocks

The Explanation Behind The Odd Granite Obelisks Of Mount Pleasant

By-Law Change Brings New Opportunities For Ancient Corner Stores

A Little Bit More About The History Of Prospect Point In Stanley Park

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The West Side & How Stanley Park Isn’t YVR’s Biggest

Why Pay Parking Fines In Person At City Hall? Because It’s Beautiful

Digging The Ambiance & History At The Patricia Hotel On The DTES

How To Walk Through The Surprising History Of Hastings-Sunrise

The Part Of The City Formerly Known As “The Asthma Flats”

The Old Brick Ghost Of Fabled Ice Creams Past On Commercial Drive

The Post-War Wave Of Modernist Architecture In Vancouver

Vancouver Restaurants You Should Know About, Even If They Haven’t Opened Yet

Walking Through The Hidden History Of East Van’s Market Gardens

All About “The Wonky Grid” Of The Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood

The Architectural Treasure That Still Stands Tall Over Gastown

The 100 Year History Of Stanley Park’s Beautiful, Meandering Seawall

How An Original Piece Of Vancouver Landed Deep On The West Side

All About The Elegant Rotunda That Still Dominates The Art Gallery

Everything About The House-Style That Makes Vancouver “Special”

The Deeley Family’s Role In Our Love Affair With The Motorcycle

George Norris, The Artist Behind The Iconic Crab Sculpture

The Iconic Twin Peaks Of The North Shore, “The Lions”

On The “Paint In” Of 1966 & The End Of The Centennial Fountain

The Kind Of City Vancouver Nearly Became In The 1960s

The History Behind Playland’s Ancient, Iconic Wooden ‘Coaster’

The City’s Long Love Affair With The Game Of Baseball

The Stanley Park Zoo, A Vancouver Institution Until 1996

What It’s Like Inside The Dome Of Vancouver’s Iconic Sun Tower

The Imposing Neoclassical Giant At The Gates Of Gastown

The History Of Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park’s Watery Jewel

All About The Lovely Art Deco Bathrooms On English Bay Beach

The History Of The City’s Modernist Oasis Of Tropical Cool

The Ping Pong Punk Rock History Of 828 East Hastings St.

The Old And Storied Pub 340 On Cambie In Gastown

The 100 Year Old “Heritage Hall” At Main & 15th Avenue

Vancouver’s Once Iconic “Aristocratic” Chain Of Diners

YOU SHOULD KNOW: More About The Mid-Century Marvel That Is The Electra Building

Vancouver’s Early Affection For The Art Of Photography

The Once Heavily Armed Section Of Point Grey Beach

YOU SHOULD KNOW: A Few Cool Things About The Old Salt Building On False Creek

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The History Of The City’s Grandview-Woodland Neighbourhood

YOU SHOULD KNOW: More About Local First Nations Leader & Icon, Joe Capilano

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The 2400 Court & Vancouver’s Idyllic Post-War Car Culture

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The Local Nurse And Archivist Who Saved Vancouver

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Awesome History Of The Long Forgotten North Shore Ferries

YOU SHOULD KNOW: How Its Tiki Tacky History Makes “The Waldorf” Worth Saving

YOU SHOULD KNOW: The Fishy History Of 611 Alexander On The Downtown Eastside

YOU SHOULD KNOW: How The Penthouse Nightclub Became An X-Rated Local Icon

YOU SHOULD KNOW: How Vancouver’s Women Seized Their “Freedom Of Choice”

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The Groovy History Of Kitsilano’s Iconic “Naam” Eatery

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The City’s Old Love Affair With Eugenics & Better Babies

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of Sunrise Market On The Downtown Eastside

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The “Places That Matter” In Vancouver’s Past & Present

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of Vancouver’s Iconic Hastings Racecourse

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of The Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of “The Gabriola Mansion” In The West End

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of Vancouver’s Very Own Don Draper Ad Man

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of Vancouver’s Long Love Affair With Bowling

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About Vancouver Comics As Historical Resources (Seriously)

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The Exhibit On Janusz Korczak & The Warsaw Ghetto Kids

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of The Oppenheimer Building At 102 Powell St.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History (And Controversy) Of North Van’s Air Raid Siren

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of East Vancouver’s “China Creek” Skate Park

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About The History Of St. Paul’s (And Yes, It’s Totally Haunted)

YOU SHOULD KNOW: About Vancouver’s Weird Relationship With Neon & Lit Signage

YOU SHOULD KNOW: Mount Pleasant Has Always Been A Lot More Hip Than You…

You Should Know: Forgotten Histories And Lots Of Pigeons In Chinatown’s Market Alley