Attention Vancouver Artists: Submissions for ‘Stratus Issue 03: Pacific’ are Now Open!

If you’re an emerging artist with a unique perspective on the bond between Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean, then Stratus arts collective wants to hear from you!

In an effort to showcase fresh and diverse talents, the Edmonton-based, Bipoc-led artist platform is calling for submissions offering unique takes on the theme ‘Pacific in Vancouver’, using the mediums of photography, installation work, and writing. More specifically, they’re looking for those nuanced pieces that deftly navigate and dissect the many dichotomies the city grapples with – think nature vs. culture, individualism vs. aggregation, memory vs. modernity, and anonymity vs. identification.

Artists, especially those rooted in Vancouver, are encouraged to inquire/send submissions that resonate with any aspect of the aforementioned themes above for consideration. Selected works will come together in the publication of ‘Stratus Issue 03: Pacific’, as well as an interactive gallery showcase slated for Spring 2024.

If you’re a photographer with an eye for the unseen, or a writer with a flair for the unsaid, now’s your chance! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 10th, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to spotlight your art and contribute to an important conversation. Find out more.

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