A Shout Out to Nice Cake Co. Community Cake Recipients!

The crew at Chupito enjoying their cake! | Photo via Chupito

The restaurant industry can be tough, but industry pros handle ‘tough’ with grace – and they do it without whining or asking for recognition. We think this is why giving shout outs is so important! Scout recently joined forces with Nice Cake Co. to bring the hospitality industry a little fun — and love — by sponsoring cake deliveries to pals and peers working their asses off to make Vancouver cooler and more hospitable every day.

Nice Cake Co. is a one-woman service dedicated to helping out hospitality industry folk by baking an edible version of a hug or high-five (ie: a cake) for you to send and make someone’s day better.

The idea is simply to have some fun by reaching out to someone who could use a smile – the best part being that it doesn’t cost you a penny. Yup, you read that correctly: Nice Cake Co. firmly believes in good intentions and the power of doing something nice without breaking the bank (details below). Here is a brief re-cap of all the cakes that have been sent out thus far…

How does it work?

Know of someone in the industry who has had a tough go of it recently? Want to recognize a team member for consistently showing up dialled in service-wise? Is someone leaving your team who you’ll miss or, alternatively, rejoining the crew whose energy you are super stoked to have back on board? All good…

Who Can Participate? | For the time being, the focus of the Nice Cake Co. “Cake It Forward” program is on celebrating our friends in the hospitality industry.

Modifications / Special Orders | Each cake is baked, iced, and delivered by one person who is taking time out of their schedule to do a good thing – which means that only one cake order can be taken per week and, at this time, there are no modifications or special instructions accepted. We want to know why you are sending the cake, but the specifics of the message are at the discretion of the decorator – words gotta fit!

Timing | The cake will be delivered to the person’s place of employment at a time (TBD) that works for the person, the establishment, and Nice Cake Co.

Cake It Forward | Did you receive a cake? Congrats! You have first dibs on sending the next cake! DM Nice Cake Co. within 24 hours of receiving your cake with the Who, Where, When, and Why of where you would like to see the next cake delivered, and we’ll take care of the rest. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, we’ll open the process to a new cake sender. Please note: It’s nice to return a good deed, but to keep the ‘nice’ rolling, your cake should go to a deserving person (or team) at a new establishment – not someone in your own workplace or the person who sent you the cake to begin with (that being said, def consider giving that lovely person a personal thank you and/or literal hug, of course!)

Donate | Don’t need to send a cake right now, but want to donate to the initiative? Get in touch, we’d love your support [email protected].

Check out Nice Cake Co. on Instagram here to see the story unfold…

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