What’s Coming Up on the August STRETCH Yoga Calendar

The Goods from STRETCH Yoga

Vancouver, BC | We are an eclectic collective of people interested in flexibility… of mind and body. We love to practice a wide range of yoga styles, sometimes with live music and always with a keen interest to find more inner space, more inner peace. We think of yoga as a proto science from long ago, an intuition that contemplative practices are part of what makes us humans. We are strivers and movers, art lovers, bright space dwellers, and we would like to share our yoga with you.

Here are some upcoming highlights from the STRETCH Yoga calendar beginning in the month of August, 2023 (space is limited, and registering in advance is highly recommended):

New Classes on the Schedule

Yin Yoga + Singing Bowls

On the regular schedule, starting July 30th, every Friday evenings at 6pm for 75 minutes. This is definitely a special treat! Sign up here

Recovery Yin Yoga + Live Music

On the regular schedule, starting July 30th, every Sundays evenings at 6pm for 75 minutes. This is the best way to fight the Sunday blues! Sign up here.

Flow Yoga

We decided to start expending the schedule and expect many more classes in the next few weeks. We have added a morning FLOW on Saturdays at 8:30am. Sign up here.

Special Event

SuperMoon Ceremony with Matt Corker
Thursday, August 31st, 7:30-9pm

To harness the energy of the biggest full moon of 2023, join Matt Corker for a night of calming yoga, journaling, and powerful breathwork.

This ceremony will help you release stored energy in the body, integrate your experience from the peak of the summer months, and connect you back to who you really are. Come together to release, relax, and recharge! Sign up here.

Rent Flex/Stretch

Our rental special will end soon. Rent one of our two studios, starting at $65/hour. Find out more on the website here.

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