Celebrate Pride with Havana Vancouver’s Cocktail with a Message

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Vancouver, BC | Commercial Drive’s Havana Vancouver wants you to have fun this Pride weekend while still remembering the celebration’s origins.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that Pride started as a protest in 1969 by Black Trans women with the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village,” says Alexa Greenman, Beverage Director. “As we continue to see attacks on the 2SLGBTQIA+ community all over the world, and specifically in the US and close to home, we can’t forget how this all began.”

The restaurant’s feature cocktail for Vancouver Pride weekend, aptly named “Pride is a Protest” is a symbolic representation of that story. The gin sour, featuring Empress Elderflower Rose, is floral, citrus and earthy, filled with light sweetness and a strong acid balance, for a colourful and complex cocktail. Tart guava and soursop are added to bring out tropical notes, making this drink appealing to just about anyone. It’s inclusive and approachable, but it’s also much more than that. Topped with bruleéd sugar “sprinkles”, it speaks directly to protest – the process of transformation and evolving. Caramelization brings out volatile chemicals that completely change the structural makeup of the flavours, turning them into something elegant and complex.

$3 from every “Pride is a Protest” cocktail will be donated to QMUNITY in support of our local 2SLGBTQIA+ community and is available from Friday, August 4th through Monday, August 7th.

“Our colourful, joyful stories can thrive but not without the understanding of what Pride represents. We fought for our place, and we always will. With that fight comes fortitude – the emerging of a new, cultivated self.”

‘Pride is a Protest’ Gin Sour
Empress Elderflower Rose gin, Fleur de Sureau Sauvage, guava + soursop, rose water, lemon, egg white, rainbow crystal bruleé (2oz)

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